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    it was the 6 corner kb as i was walking in the door fed ex walked in right behind me and put a box on the counter and i asked the guy what was in it he said star wars. i asked him can i see whats in it? he said sure i opened the first case and i found the figures and when i opened the second case it was just the han wave they had a couple more of each but i left them for the other collectors

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    Very cool find Kidd ! Why on Earth KB pays to get their stuff Fedex I'll never know. Probally why they charge so much for thier stuff. I'm not familiar with 6 Corner KB. Is the name of the mall 6 Corners?
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Palatine Targetto hads a couple 12" sign of the others
    "I'm drinkin a soy latte, I get a double shot-ay, it goes into my bod-ay and you know I'm satisfied!"

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    Crestwood Target had one Teemto & one Ki-Adi last night. I picked up the Teemto and left the Ki-Adi

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    Brickyard TRU had one landspeeder. There may have been more but I didn't ask. The box was slightly dinged so I passed, but if it doesn't bother you........ Good Luck

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    melrose park toys r us on north ave had 4 landspeeders as of 8:30pm

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    target rand rd had new maul and anakin
    target dundee rd had 12" zam and new anakin and maul
    toys r us on rand had nothing xciting
    walmart on rand had alot of the old crap like the han wave
    target on manheim in rosemont had 1 lonely hoth accesory set
    target on toughy in niles ahd nothing
    target on north ave in melrose park had nothing
    (ajaugie1) i dont appreciate you talking about me to other people you dont even know me ive helped out many people on this forum and have revealed alot of my finds and where i found them

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    Target on Rand's Maul & Anakin were already gone when I got there this morning at 8:00.

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    I openly apologize to you KIDD. I was just making a side of the mouth comment. You seem like the luckest SOB in the windy city when it comes to finding figures early. Hell I haven't even found Teemto and Ki-Adi yet. I honestly appriciate your openness 99% of the time........just remember to always add where you make your finds at the end of the message . Best of luck to you and your collection. Back to the show:

    Melrose Park TRU had a buttload of X-wings as of 3:00 yesterday. Has anyone found the cantina exclusives at Wal-Mart?

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    Saw a Landspeeder at TRU in Bridgeview last night, in addition to lots & lots of X-Wings.


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