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    DB: You're not too far from the Target on Joliet & LaGrange where I saw the two accessory sets you're looking for.

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    i'm not sure where that one is at. Is it right off of an expressway?

    I usually go to Joliet, Fox Valley, Orland and Bolingbrook. My work schedule stops me from going before work like I used to.

    anyway, thanks for the tip. I'll try to find it today.

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    db I can pick up yoda arena and hoth right now if you need and want to drive to st charles sometime this week to pick up. LMK asap as we're walking out the door

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    I will drive out this weekend if that's cool? I'll definitely come get them.

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    going going gone

    i'll snag em!

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    DB: Just for future reference, the Target/WM I was referring to are accessible off 294. When I'm going South on 294, I get off at Willow Springs Rd exit, head West to Willow Springs Rd., then North to Joliet Rd. Go East on Joliet for 2-3 miles and the shopping center is just past LaGrange (Rt 45).

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    Thanks for your help. I'll definitely try to check that one.

    What do you guys need, if anything?

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    DB... got your stash $32! Once again cannot emphasize how helpful the employees can be .... went back to get banky's loot... no yodas left... hunted down a target chick and 7 minutes later...YODA in my hands! By the way I scored a spare MIMB TRU landspeeder if anyones still looking. Banky I don't need anything right now unless you have a vintage Yoda ROTJ carded! I'm getting my lott, tusken, clean trooper, and watto end of the week!

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    Thanks Bucaroo. You rule!

    Send me an email and let me know where I should meet you this weekend.

    Sorry no vintage Yoda.

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