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    Just picked up Darth Tyrannus & Mace Windu Unleashed at the Meijer on Saginaw in Lansing, MI... yeah I know not too close (3 hours) but I'm only out here for the weekend and would rather let Chicago know than the very boring MI Just Found. They have one left of each but only 2 pegs for them, so I 'm sure there's more in warehouse.

    I don't see too much Unleashed on this thread, but here's what I gather:

    Maul/Jango: Everywhere, if you don't have it wait for discounting.
    Vader/Padme/Anakin: TRU in NW burbs, if you see 'em buy 'em.
    Mace/Tyrannus: Possibly Meijer, have no idea of the eventual availability so don't pay too much.
    - HkChicago

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    Meijer @ Fox Valley had 5 mace unleashed and 1 tyrannus unleashed when I left this morning. Found Maul and Anakin TA @ Kohl's 2 anakin TA when I left.... figs are pricey (even with 25% off $7.18 with tax).... but if you need em ck your Kohls

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    TRU St Charles has 4 12" luke w/ taun taUN, 6 speeders, 8 xwings

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    Just picked up Padme at a TRU out here in Lansing (can't wait to get home tomorrow), anyone seen Vader or Anakin at any non-TRU retail locations? I'm having trouble with those 2 I live downtown and have yet to see either of them.
    - HkChicago

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    Bunch of vader and anakin out here in the burbs @ both walmart and Meijer

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    sorry i havent been around this weekend i took my van to a sound off competetion in grays lake at the lake county fair grounds and i hit 150.0 db's with my van and i secured second place but that wasn't the best part of the show. There was supposed to be a wet t-shirt contest but it ended up beeing a wet ti**y contest these chick were going.................... i think u get the point just wanted to share my fun saturday with my friends here at ssg

    oh yeah p.s I have pictures
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    I can see how that relates, than ks
    "I'm drinkin a soy latte, I get a double shot-ay, it goes into my bod-ay and you know I'm satisfied!"

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    Target in Wheeling had the R2 D2...but I didnt buy if someone is looking for a Christmas present for me
    "I'm drinkin a soy latte, I get a double shot-ay, it goes into my bod-ay and you know I'm satisfied!"

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    Hits some stores last night south of Midway along Cicero:

    Walmart - Mostly dusty pegwarmers, but they had one REPUBLIC GUNSHIP on the shelf. Passed on it. May pick up one for my son's birthday or Christmas on sale later this year.
    Target - Nothing
    Kohl's - Three smashed Anakin TA's - Pass.
    TRU - Boat-load of X-Wings. Two Luke Speeders

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    melrose park toys r us had 4 12 inch luke & tauntauns last night as of 8:00


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