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    just back from my honeymoon... I went around looking for some new stuff today for the first time in a while

    TRU Brickyard had one last Rep Gunship.... I got it and they said they expected no more in so dont bother there

    Target on Elston had loads of Death Star accessory sets

    KB at 6 corners had a bunch of the jedi starfighter with OB1 exclusives for $22

    otherwise the standard peg warmers for $5 everywhere

    now that I picked up the gunship.... any body seen the new pilots or deluxe trooper with bike?

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    the toys r us in melrose park has republic gunship about 6 of them
    and the brickyard toys r us has about 3 gunships but they are in the back room u just have to know who to talk to

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    interesting... I specifically asked about the stock room inventory because the box I got was dented up (not that I cared, I open everything anyway)

    the guy I talked to at Brickyard looked the gunships up on the computer and said there were no more in stock with no more coming in

    what is the name of your contact at the brickyard TRU, Kidd?
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    Found the Arena Playset and the Republic Gunship last night. Got the Arena at WM in Vernon Hills and the Gunship at TRU in VH. Got the last one of each, but I'm sure they will be easy to find soon enough.

    Don't trust a TRU employee. I have found that they don't know what they are talking about or have a clue what is in inventory or what is not (no offense to any TRU employees). Why wouldn't they get more in. This is a big X Mas gift. They will have plenty everywhere.

    Just wait we'll all have them.
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    Target on Meacham in Schaumburg had accessory sets this took me a minute to process what they were, since I never saw them in a store before
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    Found Lott Dodd, Tasken w/ Massiff and Watto at Gurnee TRU. They were all $4.99, so I was happy.


    They also had Endor Trooper no beard and Ki-Adi Mundi, but there was some jerk there who bought them all. I counted probably 7 Ki-Adi's in his cart. I'm not sure how many Endor Troopers he had. He was a complete idiot. I hope it wasn't anybody on this Forum. I helped him out and he didn't even think to share, so I'm assuming - Scalper. He was going to buy an Obi-Wan with Assassin droid because he thought it was new. I stopped him from doing this. I should've let him waste his money. He was also in a panic because he wanted Clone Trooper Preview Figures. I thought to myself if you were a collector, you'd have both of these figures already and you would know what is new.

    Anyway, new stuff is coming, so we'll just have to be patient.
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    as of 12:30 pm today.... wal-mart on toughy in Niles had the standard peg warmers and at least one Dooku for anyone who hasnt found him yet

    TRU Brickyard (Fullerton & Narraganset) had several yodas, and a bunch of the following: Amidala Coruscant Attack, Darth Maul training (didnt interest me--how many Mauls can we have?!), Anakin Tat. attack (look in the bin next to the pegs)

    TRU also had two gunships.... which is interesting b-cuz last week they looked them up on their computer and told me they were out of them and would receive no more

    However, Kidd and iCatch said TRU employees are idiots, more gunships were already in or would be coming in, and apparently they were right.

    moral of the story.... believe the people on the board, not the jamokes at TRU

    BTW.... anybody seen jango pilot or clone pilot yet?

    also, where is the cheapest place to place to get Slave 1.... it seems to be $25 pretty much everywhere.... but there seems to be a lot of excess inventory so if I can get it cheaper id like to pick it up, particularly after the recent Sir Steve poll stoked my fire

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    I just saw Slave 1 at Suncoast on clearance. I don't remember the exact price but it was around $13-14. Hope that helps. The ultimate Jango was also marked down to 19.99.

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    that's what Im talking about.... where is suncoast.... anywhere close to the city?
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    There should be a Suncoast in your local mall. Check your phone book.


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