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    are u saying you also have all 40 figures to date?

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    Thats not so hard to beleive is it? I have 37 out of 40. I just haven't seen the latest 3 yet. I'd bet Indiana does, he seems to have real good luck
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    yes, probably 1 day before you. I didn't need a friend to pick up my Chewie and Obi.

    I do not see this forum as a bragging post. I try to only report items I see when I don't already see them here. I see this forum as a way to communicate to other collectors where they may be able to find items they are looking for, NOT to brag to others that Nan, nan, I got it all and you don't. Sometimes Kidd, that seems exactly what you are doing. You were very lucky to find the 40. I'm very happy for you. No need to show it off and tell others to get out there and start hunting. People have jobs and other time restraints and responsibilities. Very few people have tons of free time to run around looking for stuff all the time. Most people MAY be able to hit a Wal-Mart before work or a Target on the way home and take months to find something. Most people do not have friends at Target who will "hold" all the Unleashed figures for them. Star Wars collecting is a hobby, not a way of life.

    My Wal-Mart this morning got in a few more cases of the Djas and Palpatine this morning. Others probably did as well.

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    im not braging but if someone wants something bad enough they should go out and look for it and the part about you saing(not everyone has friens at target to hold the unleashed figures for them)first of all it was toys r us not target and second of are you complaining because you dont have a friend who looks out for you? well thats your problem.And the part about you not needing anyones help on anything thats a lie cause iseem to remmember a couple of moths ago you needed the bomber and snow speeder and were begging bucarroo to meet you somewhere with them so u could buy them from him.Are you trying to insinuate that i dont have a job?Because for your information i probably work harder than alot of other people. thats just my 2 cents

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    hey kidd is nice enough to sell me a han solo endor raid for cost. maybe he is just excited to have found all 40. i have only found 37 and i hit 3-4 stores daily. these last three seem to be very hard to find. if you want to find the stuff you have to look.

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    I know I stated that I tend to not find as much during casual hunting. I also stated that I usually get stuff online anyway.

    Even if I had a lot of free time, I would not want to spend 1-2 hours a day on gas and time to look for stuff that can be had pretty easily from online vendors either at the same time or before it hits retail in decent numbers. The few bucks more a figure is easily worth it, considering gas prices are already going over 1.65 a gallon. I don't miss the hunt at all.

    And I also have all 40-this really is no great feat. A month ago it would have been.

    Also, I had the Bespin Luke wave and Dooku/Yoda wave on 4/22, as well as all previous waves weeks before. I just felt like getting them a little sooner. Again, I don't feel special, because it wasn't difficult to do.

    I admit it's fun to walk into a store and find what you're looking for, but it started becoming more and more unlikely to find what you want after the Panaka wave for E1.

    I'll take online any day.

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    KIDD...don't know where you get your info, but I was one of the few lucky enough to find the Speeder before the 23rd and the Bomber on the 23rd. I NEVER asked anyone to meet me anywhere to buy them, or any other item.

    I do have friends at stores, probably more than you since I have been doing this longer. I just don't brag about it and I have never cleaned a store out of new stuff.

    I didn't insinuate anything about you working. Quite frankly I don't give a damn what you do. My "problem" is I believe these forums are for information to help others find new stuff, NOT bragging that I got it all before others or who I know at what stores. I am not the last say here, and if that is what this forum becomes, fine, I'll leave.

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    OK, you know, these are just toys. It's not worth it to me to get in an argument with anyone about it. KIDD, fine, sorry if I offended you. Your a good hunter, find stuff early, and should have some room for bragging rights. You should just realize that most of us don't have that chance. You also seem nice enough to share your finds with others who are looking, that's a good thing.

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    Found the Acklay and Deluxe Anakin at Target on Dundee in Palatine last night. Got the last ones, but they should get more today. I also wanted to add my $ Indiana said, they are just toys

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    they are not just toys they are star wars action figures!!!!
    and how can u say you have been doing this longer than me you dont even know how old i am! but anyway im not in the mood to argue i just wont help anyone out anymore because i dont want to get stereo tiped as a (bragger)


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