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    Chicago Summer 2002 finds

    Hey guys, thought I would take the initative and start the summer forum we talked about. Haven't found anything new, just a massiff at KB inWoodfield. KB is surprisingly getting all kinds of good stuf lately. Happy Hunting!

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    the target in niles on toughy ave dint have anything good but i bought the honey nut cheerios and i got the dooku light sabre pen. walmart had faint signs of the palpatine wave and i asked one of the toy guys and he said they had received them and put them out early monday morning

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    Well, I've all but gotten out of the collecting game for good, but I did see the Bo Shek wave at the Suncoast in Randhurst mall today. They also had a few Geo warriors, a Taun We, and something else, but I forgot.
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    New to Star Wars collecting after a few years off. Can't beleive how hard it has been to find figures. Toys R Us in Deerfield had six cases of the Yoda wave yesterday. Picked a few up at lunch and game back after work and every Yoda was gone! A few Dookus as of 5 PM on Monday. Toys has been the best luck for figures. Kmarts in the area have the same figures they got a month ago and it seems target gets one shipment every six months. Actually considering the time I have spent running around trying to find figures I would have no problem paying a premium for the items I need on Ebay. We do live in a free market society and prices are driven by supply. It does suck when these fat slobs take every item off the shelf. I doubt any of these figures will demand a premium when it is all said and done in a few months. Will keep everyone posted on other finds.

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    Hey Wolfwood why you giving it up? Hope that scalpers didn't run you out. Nothing new in the north west burbs. Went to Gurne and Racine WI this weekend and struck out. Seems the Palpy wave is starting to filter to our area. We'll all have them soon.
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    Actually, I've never really run into the scalper front in area since the old POTF2 days.

    I'm not "giving up" per se, but I'm no longer really a hardcore collector. I don't "hunt" anymore, and there are 1 or 2 figures I still might try to get this year. I've mostly stopped because I don't get as much satisfaction out of collecting as I used to. I'm still trying to complete my cantina dio, and I want to do an Arena battle, too.

    For the most part though, I just have gotten too busy to go out and keep up with the hobby. I've gotten back into collecting "comics" and Spawn toys mostly. They're a lot easier to collect then Star Wars.
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    I understand. Comics and Spawn are fun too. I am sure you'll be much happier becasue those two hobbies don't have the rabid fans and crazyness that infests Star Wars. At least not as much

    Anyone seen figures for $4.77 at WM. A report hear said that they were dropping the price. It was posted by Dar'Agol who is a MGR @ WM, so I think it's a company wide thing. Well if you do post it. That's a whole dollar off, and that adds up quick!
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Hey guys kkep your eys and wallets open i scored(Han Solo)(Chewbacca)and(Obi-wan) today at kb toys the assortment is not coming on a truck but through fed ex 1 case per store is what every kb that had the assortment told me so good luck,god speed and may the force be with you!

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    Found 1 Palpatine and 1 Dejas Pur (SP?) at Vernon Hills WM yesterday. I only need three more (Han, Chewy, and flying Obi). Still no price drops anywhere
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Target by me (Broadview) did lower their figure prices to $4.99. Forest Park Wal-Mart still did not lower prices.


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