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    Skyywalker, that's why I try not to talk to guys who work in the toy department. They think they know it all becasue they have a job there. I'd of shoved those 20 Dookus in his face after he told me that.

    Flembar, thanks for the info, you sold me on a ticket. Don't think I'll go for the 3 days, but certaininly one day! I like all the comic stuff, but not as much as some people. I don't read or collect them, but I think super heros are cool! I'll go for the Star Wars stuff. I'm under the impression that true comic people don't like Star Wars people. So, will there be a brutal line to get in? I mean will I have to stand in line for an hour just to get in? That was the case at Celebration, but there were 70,000 people there. I don't think the WW commands that kind of crowd. Thanks again for the info, I'm going to do my best to go
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Wizard World ticket lines

    lines to get in arent really that bad... maybe 5 to 10 minutes or so to get a ticket (but dont hold me to it).... no biggie..... best bet is if you have a decent comic book store near you they probably can sell you an advance ticket at a slightly lower rate... and I think you can proablyl buy online. check out the link above in my earlier message

    its probably busiest on Saturday.... and it gets crowded, but there are nowhere near 70K like at the celebration 2

    there are certain presentations that you will probably need to line up early for..... if Kevin Smith is there as he usually is you should probably get in line an hour ahead

    the movie trailers get busy too

    the convention itself.... and the dealers arent bad

    oh yeah.... haasbro was there last year previewing upcoming figures.... id bet good money theyd be there again. last yearsa WW was the first look anyone had at the Eeth Koth wave and TIE Bomber

    -Rash Flembar-

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    Thanks again for the info. I'd love to see Kevin Smith, but I'm not so sure about an hour wait for him. I think I'll buy my ticket on-line to save me the wait. My main interest is the dealers, and anything else is just gravy. Seeing all the stuff and the exhibitors will be well worth the price to get in.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Target in Palatine had Nexu and Anakin. Desn' t Palatine sound Star-Warsific?

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    Looks like a good number of Wal-Marts are getting the C1 figures with JUST the Han Endor, no Chewie or Obi-Wan. I don't know the case breakdown but I think there's a Clonetrooper in it as well. Anyone see any Chewie/Obi-Wan out there? If Han IS only one per case, then the Forest Park store must have gotten 8 cases in this morning (I saw 8 Hans). I'm going to be looking at Mace Windu peg warmers for a decade......

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    i scored a couple of hans last night at the niles walmart and also a blue visor jango

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    Question ranking the rarest of AOTC figures

    I have resisted the urge to pick up any of the aotc/saga figures so far--knowing that a big time price drop was coming for the peg warmers.

    that being said.... can anyone offer a summary of what are the rarest new figures vs. the most common ones.... mainly so I can start to figure out which ones I should try and get now and which ones I should wait a while longer for the clearance....

    also.... are any of the rare ones already just plain gone from the shelves in these here parts... or are new shipments coming in all the time

    i guess Im really looking for a ranking of most common to rarest.... if any one knows of such a ranking and could steer me to it that would be great..... but Im posting here in the chicago thread on the chance there may be some region specific variations in supply that people are experiencing

    I already have a general idea of whats common and whats not... but if anyone could elaborate that would be cool

    thanks in advance

    -Rash Flembar-

    A death mark is not an easy thing to live with.

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    Well, I've still seen pretty much all of Wave 1 for Col. 1 and 2 still, although I'm starting to see little less of Boba and Plo Koon.

    For the future waves I'll do them individually:

    Col. 1

    Red CLonetrooper (common)
    Zam Wesell (common)
    Dooku (not common)
    Yoda (not common)
    Hangar Duel Anakin (not common)
    Arena Mace (common)
    Final Jango (semi-common)
    Bespin Vader (pretty common)
    Bespin Luke (semi-common)
    Endor Han (have not seen on a peg yet)
    Cloud City Chewie (have not seen on a peg yet)
    Pilot Obi-Wan (have not seen on a peg yet)

    Col. 2
    Jar Jar (excessively common)
    Saesee Tiin (common)
    Geonosian Warrior (not so common)
    Dexter Jettster (not so common)
    Nikto Jedi (common)
    Luminara (common)
    Taun We (semi-common)
    Royal Guard (not so common)
    Endor Soldier (have only seen one ever, but hear they're common)
    Orn Free Taa (have not seen on a peg yet)
    Massiff (have not seen on a peg yet)
    Qui-Gon (have not seen on a peg yet)
    Djas Puhr (have not seen on a peg yet)
    Palpatine (have not seen on a peg yet)

    I will say I don't hunt very often since I generally get the figures onlinebefore they start hitting. My area coveragre is mostly in the West 'burbs. Someone like INDIANA can probably give a better feel for what's around on a daily basis. My results are based on casual searching through various TRU's, Wal-Marts and Targets.

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    then get with the hunt i have all 40 figures to dat and i found them by hunting

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    K-Mart hasn't reduced their prices on figures, so they are sitting on a lot of the original, 4/23 items. The Taun-We wave has been pretty common at Targets. I've seen the Geonosian Warrior and Orn Free Taa at Wal-Marts. I think all the Wal-Marts in this area just got in a huge shipment of the Bespin wave and we will all be looking at those 4 for months to come (not too many people want multiples of any of those). KB, in addition to getting the Chewies 2 weeks ago, seems to be getting the second Zam, Clonetrooper, and the occational Anakin. I would advise you to pick up Dooku and Yoda whenever you see them. Han/Chewie/Obi may be hard to find for a while, but give it some time, or order them on-line. If I was asked today to go out and buy everything I could, I think only Dooku and Yoda would not be found within a 5 mile radious of my home (2 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, 2 K-Marts, 1 TRU and KB).


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