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    Darth Vader SWCCG cards needed

    Hi all,
    I am looking for the following cards to complete my Darth Vader collection for Decipher's Star Wars CCG:

    Refelctions I-Premiere Darth Vader Foil
    Reflections I-Darth Vader DLOTS Foil
    Reflections II-Japanese Premiere Darth Vader Foil

    I have a LOT (and I do mean a LOT) of SW rares available for trade. If you want to work out a trade, just reply to the post here or email me privately.

    People who whine about scalpers need to GET A LIFE.

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    Darnit. Don't have any of those. I have and need a lot of rare doubles, though. Are you looking for any other cards? Send me a list...
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    Hmmmmmmm, maybe the non-foil versions of Qui Gon w/ Saber and Maul w/ Saber, but that's pretty much it
    People who whine about scalpers need to GET A LIFE.

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    I have the japenese darth vader, my brother thinsk we shoudl sell it i think its just cool to have,

    how much would you offer for it

    /ratio of rares/uncommons/commons



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    If it's the foil one, you MIGHT get maybe 10 bucks out of it. Those were inserted into every case of Reflections II. Money, I wsih I could hook you up on (I'm BROK...I gotta take out a loan to get the E hehe). Now rares on the other hand....those I can REEEALLY hook you up with. Drop me an email:

    People who whine about scalpers need to GET A LIFE.


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