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Thread: Dooku Vs. Maul.

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    Dooku Vs. Maul...

    This one is inspired by the Jango Vs. Maul thread going on right now.
    So, what do you think? Do you think Maul could beat Dooku? Or the other way around?
    I would seriously have to go with Dooku winning this one. As I mentioned in the Jango Vs. Maul thread, Dooku was already strong as a Jedi and he became even more powerful when he fell to the Dark Side. We have no idea what Maul's past was like or how well his training went.
    So, to reiterate, I'm going with Dooku.

    End :happy:.
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    Dooku since he was taught by the best.

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    Originally posted by Battle Droid
    Dooku since he was taught by the best.
    You know, I've heard that twice, and I still forgot to bring that up in my first post of this thread. So, yes, now you must add in the Yoda factor too :happy:.

    End .
    They call them fingers, and yet they don't fing. Noodle that one for a while.
    "Logic dictates we haul @$$." - Mego Spock from Twisted Toyfare Theater; Issue #59
    "I'm a rage-aholic! I just can't live without rage-ahol!"

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    Dooku has trained as a Jedi and trained as a Sith. He has experience with the ying and yang of the force, Maul just has the dark side. Dooku would make Maul his bihatch, then smack 'em.
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    Yep he would smak him!!!
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    Not the mention the fact that Dooku was much more independent than Maul, and much more skilled in the force. Sith Ligthening closes the case IMO.
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    Well i know Maul has been training since like six months and is like a machine.
    Dooku was taught by the best Yoda, He has both sides of the force, and he has lighting.

    So Dooku hands down.
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    Maul would wipe the floor with Dooku. The Sith were gone for about a thousand years and they finally decided to show themselves because they had the skill. Also just look at Mauls fighting abilities Dooku would be sliced and diced.

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    Count Dooku goes about his business on a urbanized moon in the Kamino system. It has been many years after he left the Jedi Order and relinquished his right to bear a Jedi lightsaber. Using his knowledge of the "living" Force Dooku has wondered the galaxy dabbling in forbidden mysteries of the ages.

    In an isolated alley enclosed by stone walls Dooku is confronted by a dark figure. Usually two sources of the light or the dark are parallel to each other as they draw from the same Force but the Countís senses reel, as a wave of dark power washes over him unaware. Surprised but undaunted, Dooku plays his hand.

    "It is obvious why you are here." He says. "I came here in search of the Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. Yet it appears that you have found him first."

    The shadowy figure says nothing.

    "His death has hidden your presence from me until the time you have chosen to reveal yourself. Your intentions are clear. Though you are strong with the Dark Side of the Force you still have much to learn. You are nothing but a puppet. Join me. Together we can strike Sidious down and rule the galaxy as our own."


    "Very well then. Since youíre not the talkative typeÖand I am unarmed. Destroy me and your training will be complete."

    Darth Maul whips off his cloak revealing his demonic visage. He produces a silver cylinder and with a snap-hiss a dreaded beam of red light pierces the black backstreet. The face of Count Dooku remains stoic yet anticipatory. Maul adjusts his stance and ignites the other end of his lightsaber, illuminating a sinister smile that would curl the spine of even the bravest warrior.

    "Very amusing," the Count says with a slight smirk. The humor fades quickly. "Now let us be done with it."

    Darth Maul lunges forward with a sidestep and an extravagant spinning feint with an intention to then slash across Dookuís midsection. His eyes go wide as the Dark Side gives him a glimpse of his mistake to be known a split second later. He stares blankly into the fingers of Dookuís raised left hand which crackles with pure electric blue evil. Maulís body rives in waves of excruciating pain as he is enveloped in Sith lightning. Dooku uses his newfound mastery of the dark power to heave Darth Maul violently into the opposing stone face, sending chips of weathered stone in all directions. He falls to street as Dooku ceases his attack.

    A lesser warrior would have at least screamed. Yet the power of Darth Maul draws from the living of the moment, his hate flowing through him making him stronger. He rises to one knee and lifts his gaze toward his assailant.

    "Indeed you are powerful," says Dooku. "But if you cannot see that I am the way, you will die."


    Iím too tired to finish it...Iíll do it tomorrow....

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    dooku would beat him because he has a greater knowledge of the dark side and force lightning.
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