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    FIrst Ever Scalped Action Figure.....

    I'm just curious, but does anyone know what was the first scalped action figure?

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    No idea, I didn't live in Caveman days.

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    I'm thinking scalping might have started in ernest when the POTF2 line started. That would mean that the Half-Picture, Long Lightsaber Ben Kenobi would be the first scalped.

    Who knows though? It might have started with the vintage line and the Vinyl-Caped Jawa or Blue Snaggletooth.
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    This is the best question ever asked on these forums. Scalping has existed in many forms over the years in Capitalist Socities. As far as I can tell ideas were the earliest things to be scalped. But as far as Action Figures I think scalping began with Spawn toys with that Angela without panties variation.
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    Hmmm, yes... that is quite possible.

    When did figures with variations become hot collectors items? as soon as that happens, you have someone who finds them and buys them all with the purpose of reselling.

    I wasn't around in the vintage days, but if there was a hard to find character, that was probably scalped too...

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    scalping goes way back. I use to go to comic book shows when i was little with my brother and there was guys there with tons of australian POTF vintage figures. This was in 1989 in Missouri. But the first scalping in my world was with the Super Powers Cyborg. It was soooo hard to get back when it came out. But my dad took me to a shop where they had one for $25 bucks which was high in the mid eighties. Just look on ebay or around the net. Cyborg isn't as rare as you think. You can always find tons of them. And lets not forget the monkey face leia figures, and ninja turtle figures. My brother says there was scalpers in our area back when Kenner's The Adventures of Indiana Jones figures came out. He couldn't find INDY or Marion Ravenwood or Sallah anywhere till he had to got to a specialy comic book shop that had like 10 of each for 4 times the price. See todays scalpers go on ebay. But back in the day it was the guys who ran and operated the comic book shops and went to the toy shows that bought up all the good stuff. Terrible what you have to pay or do to get the figures you want from whenever.


    PS. Lets not forget the early eighties Cabbage Patch Kid debacle. sheeshh thats what you could call the first scalping...

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    Wow, thanks for responding everyone.
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    Whenever there was a demand for something there were scalpers. Packs of 84' Fleer Basketball cars were impossible to find (Michael Jordan Rookie Card). The Cabbage Patch Kids had it too. Starting Line Ups since 88'. Whenever people want something, there will be a scalper beating you too it.
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    For Star Wars, I think it started with POTF2 Princess Leia. Despite how the figure looked. That figure was a quick money maker for a while.
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    I think we may have left out Elmo. Quite a few years back when Elmo the talking,vibrating one came out, there was none to be found. They were on E-bay and you had guys selling them out of their car for a hundred bucks a pop. Poor kids that Christmas had to go without, just like the days of the Cabbage Patch Kids.


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