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  • Yes, it allows things that won't mass-merchandise well to get produced

    308 41.23%
  • No, it limits availability and promotes scalping

    408 54.62%
  • I don't actually care about exclusives one way or the other.

    31 4.15%
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    I have actually never had a problem myself finding the exclusives (partly because I don't collect the 12 inch figures). I have every vehicle exclusive except the Tie Interceptor. It is by pure luck that I found these in the stores. I agree with everyone who says that it just furthers the evil that is scalping. To call people cheapskates is wrong. Not everyone has no life and can stand at the Toys R Us door every morning or go visit Wal-Mart nightly to see if the new product is on the shelf. And why should we have to pay more than retail? Because we weren't able to get to the stores when the low-life scalpers are buying up all that is on the shelf? I don't think so. I have to work and I go to school as well. I don't have time to waste running around looking for these exclusives. And I certainly don't have the money to spend an extra $10 or more on these exclusives. $30 plus tax is a lot to me already, considering that I spend thousands of dollars on the basic figure line and non-exclusive vehicles each year. There just has to be a better alternative.
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    eh, it depends....I don't do much for the exclusives mostly because i can never get my hands on them. I remember when the AOTC figs hit on 4/23 at my wally world and they had a box of the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder. I had picked up a Snowspeeder and had taken it back weeks previous cause, frankly i wasn't impressed. It seems all they did was take the speeder, ad a "broken shield" sticker on it, added dead body Dak and tilted it on the box...neat........some of them are nifty, i got the bartender dude back in the day, cause that was a sweet figure!!! i just use my judgement on the "Exclusives" if they're worth it and i actually find them, i'll take them, but 90% of the time, i don't have the $$ nor the space for some of that stuff.

    just me though...ta!
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    I love what FAO is doing with the Shuttle. Allowing everyone to pre-order ensures that you won't have to run around to the stores or pay the scalpers on E-bay. It also means that the stores can order exactly what they need and won't have excess merchandise clogging the shelves. If every retailer let us pre-buy, or at least made the exclusives available online, then I would feel much better about the whole exclusives mess.

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    I don't mind exclusives because they don't usually effect me that much. I have been able to get all of the exclusives I wanted from the store that had them. So, I voted Yes.

    However, I do feel for the Canadian and Overseas collectors. I wish that the exclusives were more available for them.
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    Exclusives are horrible because the stores that get the exclusive never order enough, so what's the point of having an exclusive if you can never find it? Plus having an exclusive only helps to promote scalping because scalpers only have to go to one store to get the exclusive whereas everthing else is mass produced and easily available everywhere. If there has to be exclusives, I say make them available through the FAN CLUB ONLY. That way the Fan Club could take preorders on things and make sure they have enough made to meet demand.
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    Originally posted by Rogue II
    I don't mind exclusives because they don't usually effect me that much. I have been able to get all of the exclusives I wanted from the store that had them. So, I voted Yes.

    However, I do feel for the Canadian and Overseas collectors. I wish that the exclusives were more available for them.
    I only wish that the Exclusives would be available in Canada too, since paying the exchange and tax makes it very difficult to justify buying them. Not only that, but Target and FAO do not exist in Canada, so we never see these exclusives. I noticed that the Skiff is now going for $80.00 US now on't it $62.00 a week ago?
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    See the problem is that exclusives are quite difficult to get in some areas, but they probably would not be produced if Hasbro did not do them in that way. I think that it is better to have a small chance at getting them instead of no chance. What can you do!

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    Exclusives suck. I am missing some of my favorite vehicles because I live in Canada and dont have access to these stores and ordering on the internet is murder. It also promotes scalping and the prices are outrageous when places get a hold of them for order. They should have everything that hasbro produces for order for a reasonable price from a catologue or stores should have catologues that people can look in and order and then the store orders it for them. WHERE IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE!!!!

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    I have to go with, yes. There are alot of things, especially vehicles that the stores just won't order due to the previous experience with vehicles during POTF2. I'm sure that Hasbro would love for everything to be avaliable anywhere and forever. But it just isn't going to happen now adays. The stores won't support vehicles, unless they are exclusives.

    I vote NO. I haven't seen proof of the above statement, which I know is the Hasbro company line. Any vehicle that has not been an exclusive has always been available at all the primary toy outlets (TRU, Target, Walmart) plus any online retailers. I just don't believe that the retailers will not order ships if offered to them. They may limit the numbers they stock, but they always order them if available.

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    Well, all the stores should have Jedi Starfighters, Coruscant Speeders, and Jango Fett's Slave-One.

    It seems vehicles are coming up more often than 12" or 3 3/4".

    So, how are the ships selling at:

    your K-mart
    your Wal*Mart
    your Target
    your KayBee
    Your Toys R Us
    your FAO Scwartz


    Furthermore, I ONLY saw TRU stock the Episode One Queen's Royal Starship. It was not intended to be an exclusive, but a lot of retailers didn't want to buy this item. FAO might have carried it, but I'm sure it was $150.00 there so I never looked for it.

    Meanwhile, I remind you that there may be more 3 3/4" figures such as Wal*Mart's Coruscant Nightclub / Mos Eisley Cantina figures rumor and in the past they carried:

    Sy Snootles / Joh Yowza
    Droopy McKool / Barquin 'Dan
    Max Rebo with Doda Bodawanaweedipeo-ah-whatever

    How was it getting those?

    I am also a 12" collector, so of course I'm interested in discussing those - and I've really enjoyed that line's exclusives like the Bikerscout on Speederbike.

    But I'll answer the small-ship question myself:

    all retail outlets by me: K-mart, Wal*Mart, KayBee, TRU, Target are all selling the E2 vehicles just fine. They need to restock in fact. I would conclude that stuff that size, sent to all the stores, like the TIE Bomber, Y-wing, or skiff would sell everywhere. I think stuff the size of the Royal Starship or Shuttle Tyderium possibly could, but all retailers would purchase smaller supplies of them, then reorder accordingly.
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