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  • Yes, it allows things that won't mass-merchandise well to get produced

    308 41.23%
  • No, it limits availability and promotes scalping

    408 54.62%
  • I don't actually care about exclusives one way or the other.

    31 4.15%
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    I hate exclusives myself. I think Hasbro should mass market all these vehicles. I live in Walterboro, South Carolina ( It aint on the maps) and we don't get any exclusives. The last time my Walmart got any was back in 1995. I have to drive one sometimes two hours to the stores that might have them. Usualy they don't. I got lucky and found my TIE Interceptor about three hours from where I live. I got my 12" Speeder bike at Target in North Carolina. But my B-wing and Y-wing I had to pay outrageous prices for them. (B-Wing =$72.00 in the box , Y-Wing= $48.00 out the box) My local Walmart Said they were getting Bombers and Snowspeeders but on the release day they didn't have Jack. Manager said they had distribution problems. If any one has a bomber or snowspeeder and would like to sell or trade at resonable prices let me know.

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    Boy I really don't know how to vote on this one. I like that exclusives give the opportunity to get some of these toys. But on the other hand they can be very difficult to obtain, which rapidly because frustrating. Where I live scalping isn't a big problem (the net is a different story), so I can't attest to whether exclusives promotes it. And there are some figures might not have seen the light of day (or ended up as peg warmers) if not for exclusives. So for me its a love/hate relationship.
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    Read post #37 from Tycho. This is a great explanation as to why exclusives are a GOOD thing! How else would we get a 12" accomadating Dewback?

    And yes, I DO want a 12" scale Bantha... that would rock my collection.

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    Keep it simple people, my eyes are tried The #1 problem I see, is the exclusive retailers (TARGET! and OTHERS we all LOVE to HATE!) do not order enough to go around.
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    Originally posted by Rogue II
    I don't mind exclusives because they don't usually effect me that much. I have been able to get all of the exclusives I wanted from the store that had them. So, I voted Yes.

    However, I do feel for the Canadian and Overseas collectors. I wish that the exclusives were more available for them.
    Hey can you get me any of the target exclusives?
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    Angry Store "elusives"

    Does Hasbro have plans to re-release any of their exclusive store vehicles?

    For one, I loathe store exclusives. Hasbro contends that it makes items available (i.e., Y-wing, B, TIE bomber, etc.) that they wouldn't normally make. Yes, but it plays directly into the hands of scalpers. In my area, I never even saw the Y or B-wings; scalpers had managed to buy them all up to sell on ebay. Later, I heard that other parts of the US actually had to clearance them out to get rid of them. Distribution is horrid.

    I asked this in an Economics class. Why does Hasbro spend $$$ redesigning the parts, drawing up new packaging, and making the damn thing when they're only going to their production amounts? They're shooting themselves in the foot.

    With the new Tydirium coming out this fall, they will certainly sell out instantly and most will end up on ebay. Is 5,000 of them enough for fans? I think not. See how many are on ebay at Christmas, marked "rare, htf, exclusive, blah-blah-blah"

    All exclusives do is create planned shortages of fan favorites and make scalpers rich. Hasbro doesn't care about us, folks. Their sentiment is "well, we made it; it's not OUR fault you couldn't find it."

    I can't think of an exclusive vehicle that didn't sell out that was originally under $40. Sure, the Naboo Royal Starship and Dewbacks were overpriced to begin with, but they did sell quickly when reduced to a rational price level.

    If the AOTC Jedi Starfighter or Slave 1 were an exclusive, I guarantee you all that it would be impossible to find now.

    I wish Hasbro would end this madness or, at the least, make them available on their website for those of us with lives and can't hang around stockrooms 24/7.

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    I'm alright with mail away exclusives, but I don't care for store/one time exclusives. Out of all the complaints you here about, they are always about the store/one time exclusives. The only mail away complaint I've ever heard of was about Han in Stormtrooper Disguise, but that was only because most people didn't find about it until it was too late.

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    It is good and bad, like and double edged sword. I like the fact that things that I want can be made but it is soooooo frustrating trying to track down that HTF item. I missed all exclusives from 1995 to 1997 due to living in Germany at the time and have had to spend an arm and leg getting the ones I wanted for my collection. I like the chase but this Tie Bomber is killing me! The Shuttle is another story though. Why make something TOO exclusive?
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    I hate exclusives because I can never get them. I started collecting mostly for the vehicles. But up in Canada I have never seen any of the exclusive vehicles. We don't have FAO Scwartz up here, or Target. We don't seem to get half of the Wal MArt exclusives either.

    I gave up collecting every Hasbro thing sometime in 1998, when it just became too hard to get everything.

    Look, I want a Y-Wing, so make the Y Wing avalible. MAke enough for the people who want them. Obviously, right now, since they're going for 300% of their SRP on Ebay, not everyone who wants one got one. Make some more!

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    Do I like exclusives? Well, I really like the toys that they "exclusive-ise". TIE Interceptor? Awesome. 12" Han and Tauntaun? Unreal. Largely the things they make exclusive would sell in high numbers if they had been placed on shelves at regular retail during the Xmas rush.
    The things that should really be exclusives are the more collector oriented figures: Wuher, Oola, Muftak, etc. Only completists care about these characters, so we'll go the extra mile to track them down. To make something popular like the Tyderium exclusive to a small chain of expensive stores is a kick right in the nuts. We all want one, but very few of us have said we can't wait to pay Dr. Evil sized prices for it.
    The least they could do is have ALL exclusives available to fanclub members after the retailer has sold theirs. Who really wants to pay double retail plus shipping for a cool vehicle? No one. But we're kind of stuck if we don't have the stores near us. Unfortunately I feel that nothing we say is going to change their strategy. If they continue to sell out these pieces, the exclusives will continue to be produced.


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