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  • Yes, it allows things that won't mass-merchandise well to get produced

    308 41.23%
  • No, it limits availability and promotes scalping

    408 54.62%
  • I don't actually care about exclusives one way or the other.

    31 4.15%
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    What do you think about Hasbro doing exclusives?

    The long awaited Imperial Shuttle Tyderium is currently available for Pre-Order from F.A.O. Schwartz. One of the largest ships in the vintage Star Wars line to ever be produced, its packaging alone won outright for greatest volume. Now you can finally own this craft for only $125.00 plus shipping and handling, and tax. (That's approximately $150.00 all together).

    Meanwhile, Target is going to have accessory packs with army builder action figures, the Fan Club has the stormtrooper 4-packs, and Toys R Us currently has the Mace Windu 12".

    Mace is $19.99, the Fan Club stormtrooper pack is $19.99 for four figures, and Target's accessory packs should be $9.99.

    The future should see the Fan Club carrying 12" Jedi Council Members Ki-Adi Mundi (for sure) and Plo Koon (also likely this year).

    Wal*Mart should get the 12" Max Rebo Band Pairs, presumably for $39.99 each.

    Past exclusives include the 12" Han Hoth on the TaunTaun, the Tatooine Skiff, the TIE Interceptor, the TIE Bomber, the Faamba, 12" Bib Fortuna and Jedi Luke Skywalker, the Y-wing, B-wing, 12" Bikerscout on the Speederbike, Oola, the Bartender, Muftak and Kabe, the Cantina Band Member, the B'Omarr Monk, and more.

    So what do you think about exclusives?

    Vote in the poll and then let's discuss your choice!
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    I have to go with, yes. There are alot of things, especially vehicles that the stores just won't order due to the previous experience with vehicles during POTF2. I'm sure that Hasbro would love for everything to be avaliable anywhere and forever. But it just isn't going to happen now adays. The stores won't support vehicles, unless they are exclusives.

    Atleast sold as exclusives, a store is pretty sure that they will all be sold, and they won't be left with stuff sitting on the shelf, taking up valuable space. I wish exclusives werent necissary, but they are the lesser of two evils. Given the choice of no vehicles/no exclusives and vehicles/exclusives, I have to have go with the exclusives.

    Not to mention on the 12" line, I doubt that many of those that were released as exclusives, would have sold as well in the regular line. And again, there is the fact that stores won't support a large ammount of large boxed figures. The stores seem to want the most products, stuffed into the smallest space possible.

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, EXCLUSIVES SUCK!

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    i think they'd be ok if people other than americans got a shot at them at retail. i agree with jar jar though because it does give collectors a chance to own stuff that wouldn't normally be made.

    good poll...maybe hasbro will watch and realise certain people are getting shafted.
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    It's more the stores fault than Hasbro's.

    Most exclusives would sell like Hotcakes if they weren't exclusives.

    And it's the figures/vehicles that aren't exclusives that are mostly peg warmers.

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    I agree with Battle Droid. Exclusives SUCK. Living in the UK, we get stitched up on prices and availability. Our TRU's don't do the same things as the US stores and we don't have Target, Walmart & FAO, so how are we supposed to get stuff??
    Pay an absolute packet from a collectors store that's how.
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    I Don't relly care though I agree with Battle Droid alot.
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    i have a mixed feeling with this, yes exclusives are good because you get more items made, but they also suck because they are only really available in the usa and in very limited quantities
    living in canada, i have missed out on every target, fao schwartz, kb, and the recent walmart exclusives (snowspeeder\tie bomber)
    i am mostly collecting the 3-3\4 figures and in most cases they have been more available in terms of exclusives
    but, the recent trend in exclusives in switching to this size ( target-acc sets and walmart - cantina\nightclub)
    i think they should stick to the larger size toys for exclusives like they originally did or make them all available through pre- order direct from hasbro and available to every country
    exclusives--have become a scalpers dream and not only for this line
    why do toy companies support scalpers by making exclusives, because the companies make no extra in the toys unless they are directly involved or are the scalpers

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    how about a new poll star wars collectors, cry babies or cheep
    skates.i have been reading these posts for some time now and all i hear is a lot of crying about price or exclusives not being available.when did collectors get so cheep.(this is an expensive hobbie not everyone can handle).if you dont like the price or cant aford to buy it DONT.i am a collector no matter what
    and i buy everything i like reguardless of price.but not everyone
    is cut out to collect every thing hasbro puts out. anyway glad i could rant.

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    The main reason I don't collect anymore


    They stink.

    If they made enough where the items would stay on the shelf for more than two hours cool. But don't come up with a tie bomber and then send one case to the local walmart. Not to mention the target exclusives I'll never get my hands on because I don't live anywhere near a target!!



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