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    Question Do People Honestly Think That These SW Figures Will Be Worth $??

    It has come to my attention that there are people out there who feel that they must not open their Star Wars toys because they will lose their value in years to come. I'm sorry, but if you're expecting to put your kid through school with a Mint On Card Mace Windu, you're going to be sadly disappointed. These figures will be worth no more than what you paid for them. This isn't 1980. It's 2002. Where everybody and their grandmother collects toys now.

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    Yeah, that's the thing, EVERYBODY keeps stuff on the card now, and there's a ton of the product out there too. I mean maybe in 200 years your carded collection would really be a marvelous thing to behold, but you'll be dead by then, won't you?

    Even if the stuff was worth a lot of money carded, I'd still open all mine. I couldn't possibly enjoy my collection staring at a bunch of unopened boxes and packages. And buying two of everything (one to open, one to leave carded) isn't really an option, financially speaking. Although I think a lot of people leave stuff on the card not because they think they'll retire on it - not the true fans, anyway - but rather because they want to preserve the life of the toys and they like the protection that leaving stuff in the packaging offers. Whether or not it's an aesthetically pleasing way to display your collection is subjective, of course.

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    Very true, and I agree. Still, who knew that a FF Wequay would be worth $375 now. How much will that one be woth in 20 years? I think that is what people hope for. They hope that Mace, or Padme, or Dex will be that one super rare figure that is priceless. I don't open mine for several reason. They look very cool to me in the package. Plus, if I ever did need to get rid of them, I'd have an easier time selling them in package. I never plan to, but if an emergency ever did come up my near complete collection would provide a lot of fast cash.
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    Originally posted by icatch9
    Very true, and I agree. Still, who knew that a FF Wequay would be worth $375 now. How much will that one be woth in 20 years
    True, but the way I see it, for the last 5-8 years the action figure market has been booming. It's slowed down a bit lately, and it will probably keep slowing down little by little.

    As more people stop collecting, there will be less demand for valuable variations like the FF Weequay or Sandtrooper, and with fewer collectors in the market who need a FF Weequay for their collection, the less money it will go for. It will probably always retain a high value compared to other SW figures, but I don't think it'll ever be worth thousands of dollars.

    Also, i bet the amount of money most people spend building their collections hoping to find a rare figure like that, would probably be more than the figure would ever go for anyways.
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    I used to be a very defiant opener. But a few years later I look at all my open POTF2s and they are crammed in boxes laying on each other. I have a bag full of guns and stuff. Same with Ep1. So when I start POTJ. I started opening them but carefully removing them from the packages. I like the way they look hanging on the wall in their packages too, So I have been leaving the AOTC ones boxed. I think they look cooler and more impressive all hanging on the wall.

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    Its a mixed bag. If you want to make a quick buck or double your cash, you should do it now, while there's a demand with any newly released fig, or if you have an entire collection that's for sale. Bits and pieces won't make you rich. And with a bulk of us collectors hoarding, lord only know's how many, figs there won't be a high demand later. So short term, yes there's a few pennies or dimes to be made, but its short term in the moment. Long run, no way. The movies aren't impacting the kids as much, and they have too many other things fighting for their attention, pokemon, netscape, nintendo, sega, playstation, etc. Star Wars isn't their thing, and the only market will be us collectors who grew up with the old and new movies, and us kids who actually had to play with action figures to keep ourselves occupied.

    Besides that kids are fickle these days. The popular demand won't be there, like it is for us. You might make a buck or two off the figs at some later date, but it won't be 3 or 4 times as much, or as much as you hope.

    Yea there are a lot of strange ideas out there. People are forgetting this is a toy, treating figures and cards like a precious commody, but really its has little or no value to anyone except us collectors to which it has some personally meaning attached.

    Toy collecting is high risk, some items are worth a bundle to some folks, worth nothing the next day. You just have to find the ones its important too, and that's a very small market.

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    pthfnder89, your right. This has been scene with the demise of Starting Lineups. I am and was an avid collector of this line as well. Once they ended the line the popularity dropped and now there is nothing happening on the SLU front at all. As if I would, but I couldn't sell them if I tried. Since SLU's were a Kenner and Hasbro line I think they learned from their mistakes on that line. The line lasted for 13 straight years, an amazing run for an action figure line. Still it ended in a whimper and lost all of its fans. I do not think that Hasbro will let this happen with Star Wars. I think the popularity of the movies, vs. the popularity of sports is very different. Sports will always be popular, but sports collectables has seen a better day. With the Star Wars movies being more popular than ever, I think we have a long time before the toys die down, but your right it will one day. So, when that day comes, I hope I can get a FF Wequay for $20
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    Personally, I like to keep all of my figures packaged, only because it looks nice on my display. However, the figures I really love, I try to get two of them, and display the loose figs also. Unopened and opened really depends on the collector.
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    You're wrong tjovonovich... I've seen more kids browsing AOTC stuff than any Star Wars line I've seen in years.

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    I buy star wars because I like it, whether its wiorth anything means little to me, I aint selling anyways.

    Some stuff will be worth a little dough(maybe 2-3 times retail) but not a whole lot. On the most part, most people have dumped more money into thier collection tyhan they ever will get out.

    I think they look cool on card but take up lots of room.
    Too many people collect them now and are aware of what MOC means. You wont be able to sell these for any serious profit , u would be lucky if u broke even.

    Part of the reason I started opening more of my figs recently is because I just realized that I had a bunch of ep1 figs that just sat there unopened and unappreciated. I felt bad and opened a bunch and had a blast.

    Dont collect make $ , collect to have fun


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