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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.

    Exclamation the funniest commercial yet!

    i just saw a commercial for spirit, and it said "twice as much action as star wars episode II." hahahahahahahahahahah! what a waste of advertisment! theres no way it could have more action than episode II because AOTC is pg for violence! what ididots!
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    I thought I was dreaming when I heard that... I just thought, "What the F***??? Sharon! Shaaaaarrrrrronnnnnn!!!!"

    My friend Jenn, Miss Surly, asked... "Does that movie even have a POINT???"

    Funny, but I don't take too much stock in her opinions of films. She thought "Spiderman" was boring and the bad acting in AOTC made the whole film crap.
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    So, does the movie have a point?

    I saw that commercial and couldn't believe they actually said that. I was wanting to see the movie just to check it out but since they said that I definitely won't be, that was just ridiculous.
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    Not SW commercial, but the Sears commercial where the guy gets milk out of the broken fridge and spews it all over the place and his wife says, "the fridge is broken."
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    Yeah, that Spirit ad...... remember, though,that there were millions of battle droids and stuff in frontier America, too, so don't jump to conclusions, guys........I think it'll blow AOTC away!! Cmon, history as told by a Disney style horse?? Makes AOTC sound like a lump of CRUD!!!
    What about the commercial for the "force action" figs?? Where the disclaimer "figures MAY fall when they jump" flashes on screen? And THEN, they show a saber fly a couple inches and smack into Anakin so hard he ROCKS?!?!? THAT's funny!!!
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    I saw that one as well. Yeah right, if you're a 4 yr. old girl.

    I saw a commercial that looked like a spider man ad, that said "Swing into action with Americas #1 superhero this summer", and it was written like the text in the spider man adds. I thought it was going to be yet another SM ad, when it jumps to YODA fighting DooKu in the Hanger, flippin' and jumping all over the place. Now that's one of my all time favs.........
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    A horse is a horse, of course, of course...
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    Maybe they are talking about a different type of action. If that is the case, I REALLY don't want to see it.
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    yeah, i saw that commercial too, and i broke out laughing when i heard it. just as they say it, that stupid horse is going bailing over a cliff with some guy on his back, and that's probably going to be the most action in it.
    the funniest comecial I have ever seen has to be the one with this old woman sitting there next to her husband, and she says something to him, then she laughs, and says, "Oh, sorry." (the guy hadn't moved at all.) then the logo fades in. LMAO when I saw that.

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    I hate commercials like that that try to take advantage of the movies that they know are going to be the blockbusters. They do it so people will say, wow I wonder if it is actually action packed like it says. Whatever, I don't buy it and was never planning on seeing this lame movie anyway. What is the point of the movie anyway? Who cares? I am sick and tired of all of these stupid movies about horses that have been made lately. There is no need for them.
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