One of my most favorite features that Hasbro has been including recently is the removeable lightsaber blade, allowing us a charged sword and an unchaged hilt in the same assortment. Excellent idea and I think something that a lot of fans are enjoying.

I have also loved how some of the lightsabers have been metal. When I discovered this fact, I was very excited for the ideas that might come out of this line in the months and years to come.

However, the one thing that has been dropped that I enjoyed duing Episode I was the fact that the hilts could be stored on the belt of the figure. If there were a way we could have both, I think many of us would be very pleased. Perhaps by remolding the plug on the side of the lightsaber with a hole it could fit in on the figure (like on many Episode I figures) or by magnetizing a portion of the belt in the case of the metal hilts would provide this affect. Either way, with all of the wonderful things Hasbro has been doing, I'll be a fan of this line for a long time yet!

Thank you, Hasbro!