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    Lightsaber Hilt suggestion

    One of my most favorite features that Hasbro has been including recently is the removeable lightsaber blade, allowing us a charged sword and an unchaged hilt in the same assortment. Excellent idea and I think something that a lot of fans are enjoying.

    I have also loved how some of the lightsabers have been metal. When I discovered this fact, I was very excited for the ideas that might come out of this line in the months and years to come.

    However, the one thing that has been dropped that I enjoyed duing Episode I was the fact that the hilts could be stored on the belt of the figure. If there were a way we could have both, I think many of us would be very pleased. Perhaps by remolding the plug on the side of the lightsaber with a hole it could fit in on the figure (like on many Episode I figures) or by magnetizing a portion of the belt in the case of the metal hilts would provide this affect. Either way, with all of the wonderful things Hasbro has been doing, I'll be a fan of this line for a long time yet!

    Thank you, Hasbro!

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    Re: Lightsaber Hilt suggestion

    Originally posted by Chaddymac
    magnetizing a portion of the belt in the case of the metal hilts would provide this affect.
    I like that idea
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    I do like the idea of the belt attachment, but I'm not sure if the hilts will stay on with a magnet, if unsupported with anything else. Try hanging Dooku's green saber off his hand - now move him - it won't stay on for long, will it? And I'm not happy with the removeable blades now that Eeth Koth's peg has broken off in the hilt.

    I think the best route Hasbro ever went was with the Naboo Jedi, having one hilt w/ peg, and one solid saber.

    Since most Jedi only have a lightsaber anyways, they could definately afford to include either multiple hilts/blades for backup, or include a couple different styles.
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    If they made the magnet as strong as Zam Wesell's, it might work. But I would just as easily go with two seperate pieces again: a hilt and a full lightsaber.
    But having a hilt on a Jedi's belt is only going to work if that character is posed neutrally. It would look really stupid if you had these pre-pose figures with sabers on their belts. So, before Hasbro gets to making hilts for the belts, they should worry about making neutrally posed figures.
    That's just how I see it though.

    End .
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    The magnet that's in Kit Fisto's palm fits in that hole in his belt (mine came out of his hand by accident, that's how I found this out) and the saber holds onto that magnet very strongly now that it's in his belt. I'd totally go for this with more figures!
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    With all of Hasbro Idea's there seems to be a lack of consistency, they make one guy with guns that fit in his holster and one who doesn't. Same goes for Lightsaber as well. They need to take what they learned in TPM line and apply some of it with ATOC. Not the bad stuff, but the good stuff.

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    You can see that Kit, Plo, Saesee, Eeth all have the small holes on their belt.
    I assumed that this was for the lightsaber hilts the way it was with Ep I.
    then I got Eeth Koth. He has the new removable blade LS, but he also has a peg on the hilt.
    I imagine that they were planning at some point to make all of them like this.
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    But the wild pre-poses would look even more wild if their lightsabers were hanging from their belt. They forgot to take their prozac that morning.

    I like the metal lightsabers to an extent but it doesn't seem like they can get very accurate details on them - The Bespin lightsabers are kinda let-downs considering it's just a pipe with a black piece on it. I wasn't expecting full prop replicas but a saber ignite button would've been nice.

    The metal do also have other down sides, they slip out of figures' hands more easily than plastic which can grab to the other plastic, and they also weigh down the arm of the figure that is holding them.
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    I like the magnetic belt thing.

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    i think the magnetic bet thing could work, but i also like the idea of a solid blad and a hilt, unless you can get other saber colors, so we can costomize the figures.
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