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    Hasbro and GL petitions. Stop the exclusives and give us a voice!!

    Hello all,
    This was originally Eternal Padawans idea and he should get the credit(if any ) for this movement.Brandon was also helpful in providing an address for LFL.Thanks to you both.
    I rewrote the petitions slightly just for more clarity and had my wife proof read them.She went to Rutgers,I went to Hell in a hand basket.

    Anyway.Please read them,make copies and hand them out in the toy aisles and to other collectors every where.For those of you who are interested in participating,take them to the other forum sites as well.
    Let's set this thing on fire!!I'd like to see 10,000 of both sent out.
    Not all that hard really.Considering how many of us there are.
    There are some who donnot agree with this,so if there is any flames here,please do not respond.Lets not take a chance on getting the thread closed.
    One final note.In both petitions it speaks of representatives from each site and venue.
    I disqualify myself from any such position.If the request ever came to pass.It would be major cheese for me to even think about it after having written the petitions.
    Now lets see if I can do this right.
    I had to come back and remind you all that there two seperate petitions.The download number aren't even.
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    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.


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