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    Money. I hope people use it. Thanks again.

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    not a problem.

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    I just posted two things on Ezboard -I am under the name "Aura Casimira" -Under the name "Aura Casimira"

    The Gungan Council will probably wont mind us,but The Jedi Republic..they are like the TFNForums of Ezboard.
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!

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    Hey Dryanta, you may want to get in touch with some of the smaller, but still well-known Star Wars fansites. They'd probably be much more cooperative about posting this as "front-page news" than the huge sites. And any exposure helps.

    Good traders/sellers: pthfnder89, jjreason, bobafett07728, TK421, Lord Tenebrous, DahrJin, baby 01, Lman316, jonboy, swfreaker

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    very nice work,IJG.Your efforts are appreciated.And will help.I think BigB may be right.He told me it may take a while for this to really pick up.I'll wait if you will
    I will pass on to you all a statement I recieved in a PM today.The author very nicley thought our "terms" were unrealistic.But he would think a little more on the subject.I wanted every one to know that.I don't want to feel as though I'm keeping anything from all who support this.
    They may very well be unrealistic.But I think we also started with high expectations so IF Hasbro reacts to this their compromise terms maybe a big help.
    No matter what,expecting something from these petitions is MORE realistic than complaining to each other,or trying a boycott.
    I can't just sit around and watch this hobby die.And it is.Thrawn is right.It's dying on the pegs.Exclusives maybe a mute point before long.The retailers will drop the line if interest doesn't pick up.Exclusives,quality,and distribution have gotten every collector so down alot have given up.The hobby cannot survive the loss of too many more of us.
    If all we could get out of this is listened to,Hasbro could save it,with our help.
    So yes the terms are unrealistic,but it's something!!An attempt and action,instead of just lip service.

    End of rant. give me names of sites and I will go!!
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I am going to agree with you,Dryanta.The Starwars line over in my area is DEAD.I spoke to the Toy Stocker,and she says they cant give the things away.

    I wonder what would happen if we put our petition in the forums???
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!

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    well I'll tell you later.I'm going over there.The line is dead here.Kmarts displays have been replaced with Barbie stuff and they are down to just a hand full of pegwarmers.Walmart,Target and TRU are swimming in the first 14.I really feel like we need to act to save the line.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I feel like Hasbro's dirty ***** sometimes in the following respect:

    It's like we're good enough until the pretty girl comes along, and then we are treated like filthy skanks.

    They'll concede in non-movie years that we basically ARE the market for Star Wars. But as soon as a movie year rolls around, our presence is basically ignored because they figure they have a more lucrative market (the children) to tap - so they no longer need us (until another non-movie year rolls around).

    Well, that is all well and fine, but the kids are losing interest faster than they planned, and they had better wake up and realize which side their bread is buttered on. Like the dirty *****s we are, we'd eventually take Hasbro back into our bed as many times as they pull this trick on us, but eventually, it is going to be beyond our control if they drive the line right into the ground with their practices and tendencies.

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    hey side swipe,I'm guessing you're going to support the petitions?
    I just went to I had to post my email,I guess you can't post files there.We'll see.I am dryanta every where except there.fxsts over there.
    Yep,Hasbro bet the farm on the lids and they dodn't hve the interest numbers they once did.We are the market.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Yes, I will certainly sign this petition. Hopefully it will affect some changes for the better.


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