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    Hmm... it would be interesting. Or ask if you could put a paper in the window at TRU, they'll put anything up there no matter what - they put Pokemon stuff up didn't they?
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    Sorry I've been away so long, been busy with wife, kids, work etc.
    For these petitions to work we need at least 100 to 200 members to get 100 signatures each. I'm already working on mine. I will submit them to you when I'm finished.

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    Originally posted by Dryanta
    well so much for editing that out.It's not your fault forhekset.I am sorry for that post.And I really wish now I hadn't done that.Not what we need at all.
    I guess you meant to retract your TFN post. I edited mine for you.

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    Thanks forhekset.Again I am sorry that i wrote that.and I appreciate the respect you showed in editing your post.Thanks alot.
    IJG,I keep a few with me incase I run into other collectors.If they think others may want to sign it I would then give them copies.I don't try and post them or hang around trying to get sigs.I'm sure we'd get on peoples nerves quick and get the boot.
    No problem Brandon,got a wife and kids myself.Your numbers are right.I think we at SSG will have to lead the way on this one.It's not only myself that has had bad experiences elsewhere.
    So here we are.Don't send them to me.Send them to the addresses at the top of each.I get buried in petitions the postage would kill me.
    On that note I was wondering since it will be just us,should we all set a submission date.Like three monthes from now?That way they'll get them all at once,instead of an ignorable trickle.
    There are alot here that are still thinking about supporting this.I'd like to give them time.The more the merrier.Also if we do end up with the support of another fan site we'd need to try and coordinate with them.SS you could beat them to it!
    This is for all of us.It's YOUR site that's going to lead the way.You set up a site that drawn the best of collectors,and you're partially responsible for this too .
    LT thanks for the support,great to see you.Also Jason B mentioned the possibility of setting up a website for this thing.Any one else think this is a good idea?Or are we going to gain enough vocal support here to keep it here?
    Input guys,input.I'm not smart enough to make this thing fly alone.And for the small number of people really involved,we'll get overwhelmed and discourged pretty quickly.You wouldn't believe how much time some of us are spending on this for ALL OF US!!please give us some input.
    Jeez I feel like a politician.after all the talks I've given this week.
    This is the last real push for me all.I really do believe we need to get it together and be heard,or we'll be looking for other things to collect before the end of next year.Lets prove that this is the best community and collector site.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Calm down, we'll get this done no problem. As for a date ( i.e. Three months) to send them or send them one by one. I say at least one month for everyone to get their stuff in order. It will not take three months, I hope not, that's way too long. After everyone has completed their mission, we should meet here on the forums and decide a date to send them all at once. So both Hasbro and GL get bomb barded with this message. The more we send the better. We should also make sure that there is no duplicate petitions sent. I'm already working on my petition. Got 75% left to do, then I'll be waiting for everyone else to complete the task. As for getting signatures, they don't have to be from Star Wars collectors in General. It could be just someone you know who wants to help out your cause. i.e. Family, Friends, Collectors, anyone you can get to sign the petition would be an asset to this task at hand.
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    Thanks Brandon.You are right,I need to relax a bit.Got a Pm today from a supporter who has also been treated badly over this.Sad really sad.Got me a little wound up.Sorry Lt.I'm going down to TRU tomorrow and I'll see if I can put them up.You never know right?
    I think A month would work.I'll look at a calender and come up with a date for us all to decide on.feel free to do the same.
    I'm out until some time sunday afternoon.I just got back to posting again in all the threads I've started on other sites.
    We'll see.
    Have a great Saturday and I'll be back Sunday.Keep it alive.And we'll see if anyone else shows over the weekend.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Cool Dryanta,

    Catch ya L8R

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    So eh....where the heck do i sign?

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    *bangs head on keyboard*

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    Hello all,
    Everybody hold up.Stop everything!!
    No joke.I was contacted twice over the weekend by a collector who has done this same thing with another toy company in the past.His insight and advice is awesome.And I think we should take it.So hold tight.I need to bang somethings around and I'll be back in the AM.I mean it.we need to hold tight.
    It will be worth it.On one last note on two different site we gained alot of support over the weekend.I will post a link inthe Am to a major complement that was paid to us ALL.
    Good night all.And hold tight.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.


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