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    Are you a variationist?

    Ive always heard of them but never met one.

    Do they really exist or is it a fairy tale?
    Ive heard that some people buy multiples of figures with any slight variations that they are released, on card, fig, accesory.

    Are there any of you out there?

    Im curious to hear what you collections consist of.
    What makes a woprthwhile variation to you?
    Obviously backgrounds are big (although im not sure why peopole would want them because they are crappy).

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    Good question, I never saw the point in it. I'd like to hear why people do it too.
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    No, I never saw the point in it. But then again I still don't get keeping them in the package either.

    But I imagine that with sooooooooo many errors in the saga line now, there are going to be a lot less variation collectors.
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    I'll do it typically when I can find variants in the stores. I won't pay inflated prices for them on E-bay unless they're major (like the bloody Luke). I collected all of the background variants (the last one I was missing, Dexter, I got through trading), but I did not double-up and get the ones without the backgrounds. Originally, though, I had the majority of them without the backgrounds, but went on a hunting spree and replaced them all with the BG variants. I only try to collect one of each figure for the most part, but sometimes when I run across two on the pegs which are obviously different (AOTC R2-D2 being an example - different legs), I'll grab both until I can determine which of the two will be the most rare and/or collectible. Of the some 300+ odd figures in my collection, I probably have variant doubles of about 10 at most. I still have some non-variant doubles (Flashback, EP1, FF) that I'll sell or trade really soon, though, after I get done cataloging everything.
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    i'm not one myself though i have met some before. probably the only variation that i have that i did not open were the imperial and death star slide r2's.
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    Some people are just a little too obsessed with figures.
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    I really hate all the variations that SSG keeps reporting. It's getting to be ridiculous, especially with all the weird packaging and paint issues.

    I think some of the variations are interesting and thus I'll collect them, like the freeze frames packages and the OOM-9 bubble one. Most others like the flat bubble vs. fat bubble EP1 R2 makes me say ho-hum.
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    Packaging variations don't interest me, but actual figure variations do. Paint variations (Bloody Luke) are pretty cool but many of them tend to be simple errors (blue visor Jango). Accessory variations are the least interesting to me (long lightsaber figures, blue/brown backpack Anakin). However, true mold or production variants are what get my interest (vinyl cape Jawa, small/large head Han Solo, blue/red Snaggletooth), which we have seen little of in the modern line. Unless you count the replacement of magnets with plastic pegs in Bespin Luke.

    Overall though I just buy whichever version of the figure I like best or is more reasonably priced. Bloody Luke seems cooler than Plastic Peg Luke; but not cool enough to pay ten times retail for. Thus I will probably end up with the Plastic Peg Luke.
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    Packaging variations or anything with paint errors or missing bits don't interest me.

    The only ones I do have are the POTF2 long sabres and a SAGA Dexter w/background & pipe text. I only got that one as I wanted the figure. It was by shere chance it was the rarer one.

    As long as I can get 1 of each figure I'm happy.
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    Well, I was a bit over-anxious when POTF2 first came out. I bought all the packaging and figure variations I could find. I've sold most of the rare ones off (Transistion Tray Luke, 1-circled Boba Fett), and given away many others. I still have 9 different versions of the carded Jedi Luke. But mostly, I'm stuck with multiples of 2-1B droids with/without holo stickers...


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