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    Who's Your Favorite Jedi?

    Everybody has their favorite for one reason or another. Some just for the obscure, or for the EU books, and some because they just look so cool that they have to have a great backstory.
    So what is your favorite Jedi, and why?

    Shaak Tii has got to be one of the most standout looking Jedis, but for my money it is Kitt Fisto all the way. He was once Mace Windu's Padawan and goes on to serve as a Genreral in the Clone Wars. But the coolest thing is the smile he gives when throwing droids around in the Battle of Geonosis. Anyone Master Jedi that can be that self assured to be amused in the midst of battle has to be a bad**s!

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    Sorry, I started this thread off the wrong Forum, please head over to the Attack of the Clones Forum to reply.

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    I agree, Kit rocks
    The force will be with you- always...


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