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    Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?

    Everybody has their favorite for one reason or another. Some just for the obscure, or for the EU books, and some because they just look so cool that they have to have a great backstory.
    So what is your favorite Jedi, and why?

    Shaak Tii has got to be one of the most standout looking Jedis, but for my money it is Kitt Fisto all the way. He was once Mace Windu's Padawan and goes on to serve as a Genreral in the Clone Wars. But the coolest thing is the smile he gives when throwing droids around in the Battle of Geonosis. Anyone Master Jedi that can be that self assured to be amused in the midst of battle has to be a bad**s!

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    I think I'll go with Plo Koon. I have always liked this character, and way back when POTJ was just getting started, I couldn't wait for a figure to come out. Plo just looks cool and he's on the Council "to boot".
    Now, if we were going for favorite Force user, not just Jedi, I would go with Dooku or Vader.
    But, for Jedi, Plo gets my vote.

    End :happy:.
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    What Kit Fisto Mace's padawan once, are you sure? I never knew that...
    Anyway, it is probably obviously by my name my fav Jedi is Saesee Tiin. I just love his curved horns, and his haunted looking face, and the fact in the EU he is meant to be a superb pilot. I also love the lightsaber colours he has, as at first when he had purple in the EU it was quite unique, and then now he has green, which is my favourite lightsaber colour. Out of interest what lightsaber colour would everyone else have if they could choose any colour?
    Since Ep2 I really like Shaak-Ti, by how she is so unusual, and I love her face. Kit Fisto and Ki-Adi-Mundi are a joint third, I just love how he fights in the arena and smiles... Ki-Adi-Mundi I've liked for some time, due to Ep1 and the EU. In AOTC I just love how he seems quite old, but yet as they are going on the gunship he is still slashing his lightsaber out, deflecting lasers with his hair flying about and everything... superb!

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    Toss between Mace, Kit and of course Yoda. I really like Ki too though. um, I guess Mace, Kit. Oh I don't know I like all four of them all for different reasons. Kit cause he's dam cool under pressure and he's got that funny grin. Mace cause he whooped Jango's butt and coined the phrase "This party's over". Ki cause he's old looking and still looks good kicking butt. And last but not least Yoda cause he's one bad a** Motha F****. Can I say that ?
    I also like Plo and Koth, but we didn't get to see alot of them.

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    I hate Jedi.


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    Come down BD.Ok Plo, Ki, Eeth, Mace, Sasse, Oppo(didn't do much), Poof, and Kit are Awsome.

    But The man is Yoda for me. He is the greatest jedi of them all.
    You saw what he did, you see how wise he is, and you he could woop up evry one else.

    My lest fav is yaddle, she screwd up parts of Yoda for me.
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    Well I love Yoda but other than him I'm most attached to Plo Koon. He's just a cool looking Jedi and I have a feeling he's got so mad skills that we haven't seen.

    I'm sooo disappointed that we didn't get to see him fight at all in the Arena All of his action happened offscreen I guess.

    I like Aayla Secura too, although I don't know any of her story from the comics. The way she just swaggers around, completely confident; very cool in my book...

    Plus she's so cool she picks her own outfit instead of goind with traditional Jedi robes.
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    i just really like obi-wan, from ewan to alec. as great with a lightsaber as he is with his wry wit. i think a second is luke, because of all he had to go through, and a third is anakin because he use two lightsabers at the same time, now that's cool. after that it's mace, cause he's so bad @**...
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    Plo Koon is without a doubt the coolest looking. I wish he had more screen time in the movie.

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    Ok I like Yarael Poof but he's dead.


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