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    Which Star Wars Movie Has The Best Music?

    Which of the 5 so far has the best soundtrack?

    I like stuff from them all. I love the Imperial March from ESB, I love the end music for ROTJ SE, Duel of the Fates + the Droid Invasion of TPM, and there are a whole bunch of tracks for AOTC.
    I'm giving my vote to the AOTC soundtrack though - I can listen to that one straight through without having to skip around.

    What does everyone else think?

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    At the moment I have to say AOTC. I found the TPM very plain in places, and admitedly I've never heard the other soundtracks in full properly. But with AOTC it has a bit of everything, from the superb Imperial March bit when Obi sees all the clones and at the end, to the Duel of the Fates when Anakin rides the speeder on Tatooine. Very good IMO.

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    ATOC and ESB have the best soundtracks, love them both.

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    Well AOTC has a disadvantage here since it hasn't had a two-disc "complete" release yet. So until that one comes out then I will have to stick with ESB as the most exciting and varied of the soundtracks.

    Although the AOTC love theme is one of my favorite pieces of Star Wars music.

    I also really liked the quirky street singers and street band songs from the Ep1 Ultimate soundtrack. Especially "Desert Winds." The "Anakin is Free" track is another great one from that soundtrack.

    Add to that the SE Celebration music from ROTJ and the second Catina song from ANH and you have a decent (but not all-inclusive) summary of my favorite SW music.
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    ESB with it's "The Asteroid Field" is my absolute favorite. It's perhaps one of the shorter tracks but it makes that disc my number one choice.
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    ESB straight up, followed closely by ANH. We got Yoda's theme for the first time, Imp. March. 1st, Han & Leia's theme, Asteroid Field, the cues when Han gets deep sixed, and some other great cuts.

    All the other movies, except for ANH, depend on these for many of their scenes and cues. Thus it has to go to ESB.

    AOTC has like one or two original pieces it seems. About 50% of the movie is TPM soundtrack and cues from other episodes. This one is the weakest as a stand-alone soundtrack out of all five, but it's still good.
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    I have all of the soundtracks and I would have to say Empire.

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    My opinion on this changes rather regularly, but here's the current rankings:


    I like ANH, but there weren't a whole lot of actual themes at that point--Luke's (main title), Leia's, Ben's (Force theme), Death Star's, Tusken Raiders', and Jawas' are the only ones that jump to mind. So we get some really interesting renditions of the themes (especially the Force theme), but they're the same themes over and over.

    AOTC only misses first because of the odd, unexplained repetition of the Duel of the Fates theme and Trade Federation/Battledroid themes at places they don't seem to fit. Other than that, top notch.

    My rankings on SW albums is as follows:
    4-disc box set (unfortunately long out of print)
    TPM Ultimate Edition
    SOTE (Good, but not Star Warsish enough)
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    The most memorable music, ESB, almost based entirely on the strength of the Imperial March and its incorporation throughout the score.

    As far as the "best" music in terms of technicality and originality, ANH.

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    Also, for those of you passing judgement on the AOTC score, keep in mind the only thing available right now is a shortened, badly chopped-up version. The original release of the TPM score was horrible and nearly made me dislike the whole thing, until I heard the "Ultimate Edition" and my opinion of the score improved quite a bit. The next release of AOTC should be the full score and will most likely be a heck of a lot better than what's out there right now.

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