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    Exclamation New light on Boba Fett

    As most people have already noticed, Boba Fett carries braided wookie scalps with him everywhere he goes, at least that is what the Expanded Universe has us to believe. What if it turns out (due to the events of TPM an AOTC) they aren't wookie scalps at all? What if Lucas decides to make them Jedi Padawan scalps?

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    Sounds like a decent idea to me. I have had the thought that Boba would go after Jedi, and not just Mace (if he indeed does seek revenge. Not confirming, nor denying anything - just what I've been thinking).
    But I've thought something else about Boba Fett. Unless Lucas "fixes" it in ESB, Boba has a different voice: "He's not good to me dead..." What if...and this is a big if: someone assumes Boba's identity? Someone else might want the name of Fett, kills Boba and takes his name and his life. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much into this.

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    " Mini-Fett! Get me the ' l a s e r ! ' "

    I'm sorry, but the mental image of a Mini-Fett running around slaying Jedi is pretty funny. It might make a great SNL skit, but watching a 13-year-old Boba Fett lay waste to ANY Jedi knowing he eventually meets his demise to a blind man with a stick (NOT Ben Affleck) would be laughable.

    On the other hand, seeing Boba ambushing a team of Jedi with Slave I would be totally believable. But to draw the connection, you'd still need to show him going through the carcasses harvesting his enemies' scalps. Pretty disturbing stuph, particularly in a-PG rated Star Wars movie.

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    Jedi padawan braids are nothing, he'd probably mostly have to destroy the Jedi Temple as it looked like there were mostly (or only) Masters and Knights on Geonosis and the only ones we saw with braids was the kid in the library and Anakin.
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    I do think he will take his revenge out on the Jedi in Episde 3, but I didn't think it would be possible, because he'd still be a kid. Unless, he went back to Kamino, and got a hold of those growth hormones. Then, it makes sense.
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    The voice doesn't matter. If you notice the clones don't have the same exact foice as Jango. Remember our accents are created by our enviroments. I'm from Illinois, but if I moved to London for years, I'd develop a British accent, even though I'm American. The voice of the OT Boba is ver close to the voice of Jango.

    They could be Padawan braids, but they may never visit that. It is said that Boba hates Wookies too, so perhaps we'll see that in Episode III more than we'll see him killing Jedi. Still, he may be 13, but I was a pretty stong kid when I was 13. Plus, he's been trained by the best cloners and best bounty hunter in the galaxy to be a bad ***$. It may be a bit of a stretch, but we'd then know why he's so feared. I mean if he's iceing Jedi at 13, then he'd develop this scary myth about him. Everyone would be afraid of him, just like they are in the OT.
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    The REAL story behind the braids

    In the aftermath of his father's death, lil' Fett, alone in the Universe with nothing but the hand-me-down armor on his back and his pop's Buick, ehem, Slave I spaceship, lacks any true skills to make it in the cold cruel world.

    He takes up a trade to make ends meet. Quickly graduating at the top of his Barber Class, lil' Fett finds work at the Jedi Temple. As he watches more and more Jedi get cut down, he realizes that those locks of hair just might be worth something someday, perhaps on E-Bay.

    Lo, eventually his clientelle dies out and he once again is forced out into the dark reaches of space. Still drifting, barely scraping by enough credits to fill his tank, a now 20-something Fett stumbles out of a cantina one night and happens upon a WANTED poster. Seeing an opportunity, Boba mugs an old helpless Nemodian woman in order to pay off his parking tickets and get the "boot" off of his Slave I.

    Fett flies off to a distant asteroid field, which isn't an easy task as he's still nursing that hangover and his coffee maker is on the blink.

    Once onboard the Executor, Boba considers whether or not he should wear his hat. Those eyes are pretty bloodshot. No need to make a bad first impression, besides, he's also out of toothpaste.

    He peeks out his window and sees several other swarthy aliens heading in. Fett looks over his own armor. Too clean. He takes out a hammer and gives it a few good blows. Helmet. He throws it across the ship where it smashes into the wall. Good dent!

    Just before heading out the door, Fett spies his collection of Jedi Braids that didn't sell so well at the auction. He throws them on, then walks down the ramp to meet some guy named Vader...

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    I think wookiees would be more dangerous than Jedi in a way. A Jedi relies on the force and his lightsaber abilities to help him, but a Wookiee uses his physical strength.

    If a Wookiee tears droids' arms out of their sockets, so what would happen to Boba Fett? Sure he may be the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, but he made two mistakes in ROTJ - Roping Luke but letting him keep the lightsaber in his hands, and getting beaten by a blind man. I'm sure taking down a Wookiee would be a good challenge to show trophies from. Plus who knows? They could be from Chewie's family from revenge of earlier run-ins between Boba and Han & Chewie.
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    i think boba's luck just ran out that day
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    Boba's very precise and dosn't waste time or anything else he'd kill mace and be done with it.
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