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    Do you want a Eidley Teem Gran from Malastare figure???

    Would you like to see a Eidley Teem figure? He is a gran from Malastare He looks like Ree Yees. I would love this figure to get made. I don't know if that was him in AOTC who said "This debate is over we need that clone army now" or something like that in Palpatine's office. I want a figure of that gran. Done in a neutral senator pose. Would you want this guy? I'm thinking of putting this in Dear Hasbro. Maybe if enuff of us wanted one Hasbro would acknowlegde it....


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    The Gran in AOTC was Ask Aak. He replaces Ask Moe, who was killed in a starship explosion similar to the hit on Amidala.

    I don't know about Senators at this point, if only because there are so many choices. Hasbro could dedicate an entire year to the Senate, and still have figures left to do.

    Orn was a nice first step, I'd like a Toonbuck Toora next, personally. But Aak, Lexi Dio, Ronet Coorr, etc...they'll all be nice to have eventually, as well as a holo Obi-Wan w/ projector stand. Heck, even Darsana sounds cool.
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    I would like any figure... as long is it's not a stupid rescuplt of something I don't need...

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    Ainlee Teem you mean?

    He is from Alderaan. Listen to TPM again.
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    Originally posted by Lord Tenebrous
    The Gran in AOTC was Ask Aak. He replaces Ask Moe
    But what if I don't want to ASK Moe, what if I want Ask Larry or Ask Curly!?!?

    Sorry, I know that it was bad, but I had to do it.

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    Originally posted by Jonna

    But what if I don't want to ASK Moe, what if I want Ask Larry or Ask Curly!?!?

    Sorry, I know that it was bad, but I had to do it.
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    I though their names were:

    Aimlee Teem.
    Aks Moe.
    Aks Aak.

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    Ainlee Teem was a senator from Malastare. He, along with ol' Palpy and Bail Antilles of Alderaan, were nominated to succeed Valorum as Supreme Chancellor in TPM. Although the Grans live on Malastare, it is really a colony, as their homeworld is Kinyen. They colonized Malastare, whose indigenous inhabitants are the Dugs, similar to the way the humans colonized planets like Naboo, whose indigenous inhabitants are the Gungans. Like the humans in Naboo, the Grans on Malastare are the dominant society and part of the Republic, while the Gungans and the Dugs generally prefer to keep to themselves. Aks Aak is the senator from Malastare who has the speaking role in AOTC. Teem is the one who speaks in TPM. It's weird that they speak different languages though, with Teem speaking perfect English, and Aak speaking God knows what.
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    For the love of God, its Aks Moe in the pod in TPM. Ainlee Teem is never seen!
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    I would like a Gran Senetor figure(I thought is was Ask Aak, but this thread is staring to confuse me), as long it is nuetrally posed like Palps and Orn Free taa, and not in some fighting stance like Jar Jar.
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