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    Angry Master Replicas Stinks!!!

    I have been screwed by Master Replicas! Do not deal with this company. They have no clue what they are doing or what they are talking about. No one could answer any questions, I had to find the number of their Vice President and even she could not help me. Not to mention that they lied to me on several occasions, and then admitted they lied and said there was nothing they could do! These people are aweful!

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    What happened. Please be more speffic... I was planning on buyint a working Vader saber from them. and a Count Dooku Saber replica but if there shady forget it. LMK


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    yea, give the details.

    i've already ordered the anakin FX saber, which was supposed to of shipped by now, but now i am hearing september?

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    you want to hear shady???

    Well first of all, they have poorly trained customer service staff. These people did not even know that there was a collectors society where people can get like numbered items. One representitive told me I was lying and that he "knew" I was lying. He then claimed his computer could not find the link on the website that I told him to go to to see the information. After seeing this he hung up the phone on me.

    So then I call back and talk with someone else who ASSURES me I am getting the same numbers and promises that the items WILL ship on time! Great, problem solved, I ordered both Obi-Wans and Anakins lightsaber on top of Luke and Han.

    I call two weeks later, and my items (LUKE AND HAN) have still not shipped, and then they tell me they are different numbers! So now they are one week past their MAX deadline and don't even apologize or send out an email saying it will be another MONTH! So, now I got to wait a month and get different numbers. This person told me that the person I talked to two weeks before had LIED to me and that they were trained to say there was NO WAY to get like numbers, that it was impossible! So they transfer me to their supervisor...this person is a real cookie. He tells me that the Han Solo numbering is different, but all the lightsabers WILL HAVE THE SAME NUMBERS! So I say fine, cancel the Solo Blaster I can by it cheaper on Ebay! He also tells me that his lackies were never trained to say they coudl not offer like numbers, ANOTHER LIE I SEE!!!!!!!!

    So then I call Cindy Bath VP of marketing! She tells me she will get right on it after I tell her everything that has happened, and how messed up it all is. She tells me that she will get right on it.

    The next day, the Customer Service Queen calls me and says that everything is in perfect order, all your lightsabers will have the same numbering! Everything is great!


    The next day this Queen calls back, says there is a problem, I am getting different numbers! Another lie, this one from high up! She says that there is nothing they can do, even though they offered like numbers and I ordered my items way before the deadline! (this whole like numbers thing is still on their site)

    So now I have called Cindy bath back, but she now never returns a phone call.

    These people stink. I feel uncomfortable with them having my credit card numbers, I just know they are going to go ahead and charge me, or screw me in some way. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

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    So did you get any of your orders? What is the quality like?

    I would suspect that something of a replica would take sometime to ship.
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    thanks for the info.

    when you say "like numbers" are you reffering to the production numbers of the limited edition sabers?

    i guess you wanted all of them to have the same __ of __ #'s?
    is that right?

    i'm glad i ordered mine from Entertainment Earth. if they flake out, EE just won't charge my card.

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    Sounds just like all the problems people had with Icons before they went under and took a lot of people's money with them.

    I've been told that many of the prototypes MR showed a few months back weren't made by them, they were made by this guy from Hong Kong (I know his name but won't give it, to protect him) and the pics stolen and presented to Lucasfilm by MR in order to obtain the license to sell prop replicas. This guy from Hong Kong had no way to cry foul since he was not making these replicas under license. Thus he had to just sit back and let it happen. He has warned as many people as he can that MR is not in the business of being honest though; but he has to remain low-key to protect himself from Lucas' attack-lawyers.
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    yeah I am refering to like seriel numbers.

    I would not be mad about the ship time, if they did not promise 4-6 weeks after ordering, then changing to middle of may, and then to end of June.

    They say is the delay is based on demand, being an economics grad, I know that is crap. There supply was 2500, they expecting huge demand, and they did not produce. The evidently sold the items and promised dates that they could not coem up with. The darn things were not made in time. It was not demand, it was just another example of crappy service. Why promise to sell something, when you don't even have it. Demand has nothing to do with it. They just did not have 2500 or 2 for that matter ready to go.

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    Thankx for the info, I won't be ordering anything from them, that's for sure.

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    Just curious, but why do the "like numbers" matter?


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