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    Luke Skywalker (Bespin Duel) MiniReview

    Ok I've finally gotten around to it. At last a new Luke figure. And one we've all been waiting for, for a long time. Ok, the new Luke, here we go...

    - Likeness: This is a great likeness of Luke from the moment in "Empire" when he says "No, no. Thats not true. Thats impossible." Until now it's been next to impossible for any of us to do this impression of Mark Hamill. 4.5/5.

    - Sculpt: The sculpting on the new Luke is incredible. Especially his outfit. Also his belt is very well detailed. It's an all-new head sculpt of Luke as well as an individual one, so it won't be reused for 4 more. Hasbro put a little attention into this figure. 5/5.

    - Articulation: Lukes got a whopping 14 points of articulation on this figure. I'd like to note the double joints on his knees as well as wrists and elbows. Note to Hasbro: please make all Jedi figures like this. Amazing. 5/5.

    - Accessories: A lightsaber with removable blade, blaster, medical attachment, and a piece of Bespin's antenna, this Luke has it all! Not only does the blaster holster into his belt, the medical device fits perfectly onto Luke's hand AND the Bespin antenna has a suction cup attached which actually sticks to most surfaces. SO not only does he have a lot of accessories, they all work and function! Could these be the perfect accessories? 5/5.

    - Playability: Luke has a lightsaber slashing action feature when you push a button on his back. Unlike most other action features, this one actually works. He has lots of articulation and a bunch of accessories that work and won't fall apart. Luke also stands and holds his weapons very well. 4.5/5.

    - Value: I picked up new Luke at Target for $5.99 which is a great price for this figure. Good detail. Great accessories. Good buy! 5/5.

    - OVERALL: Most of us saw this figure on the internet well over a year ago and have been waiting for it since. I was impressed by the accessories packed with the figure and by the amount of movement it has. It can do most everything. And it looks great with that Darth Vader Bespin Duel that was released with it. You can tell by looking that Hasbro put some extra attention into this figure. Collectors and fans can tell. 5/5.
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    I was also very impressed with the figure. It has alot of playability and I thought the antenna was a pretty cool add-in. This figure goes great with Bespin Darth. I am really impressed with HASBRO on this one. 5/5
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