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    What is your fav 'last shot' of the SW movies?

    Each Star Wars movie ends with what you could call a 'last shot' before it rushes into black with the usual music and blue writing credits. But out of them all, which is your favourite?
    I think my favourite is a draw between TPM and ESB. I love how TPM signifies the beginning almost, although it is the end of that film. And I love how the sun shines on them all. What I sometimes dislike about the SW prequels is that at times due to CGI and so on the sunlight is very artificle and I don't believe looks entirely real. But with this one, the sunlight is real, particually on the faces of the Jedi Council members there and others.
    ESB I love for the cliffhanger type ending although yet it is very calm almost as well. The stars are beautiful also, as is the music.
    So what does everyone else think?

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    ESB to date, although ATOC would have been my fav if they left out or put the marriage of Anakin and Padme before the clones and the ships taking off. I think if I was editing I would have made this the last shot. Just think all the clone army of the republic marching and the ships taking off in the background is way better than looking at Anakin and Padme.

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    I was about to say AOTC also, until I remembered that it ended with Anakin and Padme. Thus I think the ESB last shot is my favorite. It's like a giant "To Be Continued..." sign.
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    AOTC without a doubt.

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    ANH - all the characters standing there in great ceremony, bringing the rebellion together to honor their first major victory over the Empire... so cool.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    ANH - all the characters standing there in great ceremony, bringing the rebellion together to honor their first major victory over the Empire... so cool.
    JT, again we sound like the only voices of logic and sanity on the topic of movie comparisons.

    There's no comparison between ANH and the other movies. The finale is very triumphant and also gives excellent closure to the movie. Who doesn't hear the throne room theme and get goosebumps. It's about the best piece of SW music, IMO. Plus, this scene makes the movie a stand alone movie, and not necessarily a part of a greater picture.

    ROTJ just doesn't have the same feel, although it should have an even grander finale than all the others. I still like the older version better than the SE one, probably more due to the music than the planet-to-planet views.
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    I must agree with JT and MC. Hope's ending is the most exultant. Here you see the honoring of the scoundrel and the kid who would be jedi.

    I'm kinda disappointed with Jedi's ending even though I thought it was cool back then. That is the end end. It should have been better, although it does bring all things together. The three pivotal palyers from the PT and the three pivotal players from the OT.

    It was cool to see the cutaways in the SE, but I didn't like it much as an ending.
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    ESB is the winner in my book. After we witness the gang facing a lot of harrowing entanglements, the resurgence of the Empire, and the apprehension of one of the heroes, the final scene brings us back to tranquility and serenity. Luke and Leia embrace as they and the droids peer out the window and see the beautiful picture of the galaxy. The music is soothing and contrbutes to the feeling of the final scene, one that tells us, although things looked bleak, we know the worst of the saga is over. It is time to focus anew, to pick up the pieces and try to accomplish their ultimate goal; to restore peace to the universe after years of turmoil.

    ANH's triumphant ending is a close second, but ESB's ending stirred more emotion in me.
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    Definately ANH.
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    Definately ESB. I like how AOTC ends very similar to ESB though.
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