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    Question favorate new figure

    whats everybodies new figure then, i think mine is kit fisto.

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    mine is definitely Yoda, especially after seeing the movie
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    Chewbacca (Cloud City Capture)

    My favorite new figure is Chewbacca (Cloud City Capture). It really brings back a lot of memories because my first Star Wars figure ever (I got it in 1982 when I was four) was C-3PO with removable limbs. It came with that little backpack so Chewbacca could carry 3PO around anytime he was feeling "beside himself." Plus, this new version even has electronic effects!
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    As of right now my fav figure is Kamino Escape Jango Fett.

    He's too cool man.
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    Right now I'm partial to Bespin Duel Luke & Vader (great accessories), but the new Chewie may quickly become my favorite once I get my hands on him.

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    Hangar Duel Anakinis my fav so far I guess. But I haven't found Bespin Duel Luke or Bespin Chewie, either of which I think will easily take first place.

    (I do really like my Nikto Jedi though)
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    Mine would have to be a tie between Kamino Escape Jango and the Final Battle Jango. You just cant beat all the cool stuff the KE figure comes with: the removable helmet, the grappling feature, the missle-firing jetpack, etc.
    Plus with the FB Jango you get good articulation and that cool decapitation-effect.
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    I like the HD Anakin. An of course the Bespin set. I only have the Vader fig so far.

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    I think Taun We looks pretty cool.
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    I say HD Anakin, but then again I don't have Yoda, Vader, Luke or KE Jango . . .
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