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    What would you take back with you?

    Remember that Arnold Shwarzenegger movie "Last Action Hero?" The one where the kid had a magic ticket that would let him go "into" a movie?

    My question: If you had that ticket and could go into only one of the five SW movies and could take one item back to the real world, what movie and what item?

    (and as nice as having a real Slave Leia in your bedroom/toyroom would be, you can't take people back. Only inanimate objects.)

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    a lightsaber. What else?
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    Do astromechs play DVDs?

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    What else?! A blaster... an R2 unit... a feakin' X-Wing... hehehe

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    Lightsaber silly, always wanted one of those dam things. Exxxcellent Smithers!!

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    I'd take Lukes Lightsaber from ROTJ. Very cool and very green.
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    Lightsabers are all fine and dandy, but I think I'd take the Millenium Falcon instead.

    That thing has to have some sort of DVD player
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    I'd grab: Obi's, Luke's/Anakin's, Vader's, R2, 3PO, Han's blaster, full Stormtrooper suit with EVERYTHING then toss all that stuff in the cargo part of an X-wing (minus R2 of course... he'd be navigating!) then I'd come back.

    If I could only have one thing though, I would probably take Luke's/Anakin's lightsaber (I like blue and the design. ) since if you took a blaster you wouldn't have any recharge magazines for it and if you took an X-wing you wouldn't have any spare torpedos nor fuel for it and if you took a droid, well people would probably try to take it.
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    As LTB pointed out, once you exhausted the charge on the blaster, you'd have a movie prop you can buy here on Earth already.

    If you brought home an X-wing A. You wouldn't know how to fly it, and if you did B. there would be somekind of environmental concerns about it's take off and landings that would get it impounded by the govt.

    A lightsaber seems kind of dangerous and you'd probably cut your own appendages off or drill holes in your wall that would tick your dad off when the heating bill skyrocketed in the winter.

    An astromech MIGHT be O.K. since it's probably clever enough to figure out how to rig an adaptor for AC/DC.

    But what I'd bring back is midi-chlorians. Let them multiply like rabbits and infect me and enough other stuff on earth to let me, in effect, bring the "force" back with me. They would instinctively know how to build lightsabers and also to use them properly and they could pass that knowledge on to me, so once I had "the force" I could simply make everything else.

    Either that, or I'd bring back the Death Star. Then I'd sue for world peace. "If you don't stop fighting, I'll sick a few squadrons of TIE fighters on yer butt..."
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    I was thinking of thr Executor. But the Death Star wouldn't be bad either.
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