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    BC3, here are some resources...

    This is a link with a decent interface to get you reading and posting on Usenet StarTrek threads:
    Free WWW-to-Usenet interface web page - alt.startrek

    This is a link to EasyNews. There is a $10.00 monthly fee and a 6 gigabyte per month download limit, but they have a strictly enforced "no spam" policy that drastically improves the quality of content.
    Easy News

    Happy hunting!
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    Talking as quark's said on many an occasion, "u drive a hard bargain" :)

    . . .i'm afraid b'jr already has two (or three- i can't recal offhand) q5s. so lemme see if third time's the charm: how bout ep1 pak 10, mib pak 4, sst pak 2 (the one w/warrior bug) and either sst pak 1 Or 3 (your choice)? i checked w/b'jr & he says he'd agree to that
    also, I JUST REMEMBERED he also has an xtra interrogator droid (that came w/commtech vader; i'd highly recomend this to go with your r2s, holodeathstar and probot mm); if you wish, i'll ask if he'd be willing to throw one in
    if i hear only crickets in response, i'll assume that's a no. naturally, i'll then make another try
    np: squeeze, "tempted"

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    Red face them crickets is gettin purty loud ;)

    just a quik note that i just checked w/b'jr & he sez he'll throw in his xtra interrogator droid
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    Hi VT

    Sorry - just aquired R2-D9 at auction quite cheaply.

    Cheers anyway


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    Wink so That's his name, eh?

    i spose $21.50+postage ain't Too bad, but of course i'd still rather we'da done a trade but you jumped the gun- you didn't wait to hear my Next two counterproposals:
    -d9 & intdroid for ep1 10, sst 2, mib 4 & aliens 3
    -after That i was gonna say for ep1 10, sst 2, & mib 4
    oh well, not every deal's destined to close. want me to check w/b'jr & see if he'll still part with his xtra intdroid, since you recently got your own teemto pod which lets him have the xtra one i'd slated for you? lmk
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    Sounds good - LMK.

    Bad news to report though - I have suddenly found myself starting to collect ACTSJSJ FIHDHD, sorry, I can hardly type it, I'll try again, ACTION FIGURES - droids only though.

    Am on the look out for 1 of each (vintage or POTJ/Ep1).

    Now have all 5 astromechs, 4-LOM, ASP & 2-1B - the quest begins.



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    PS as goodwill gesture, have already posted you 1 snappy voy, 1 delta flyer, and chess pieces (Ents B & D).

    Bought a snappy Voy for myself and have made it look what Voyager SHOULD have looked like (as opposed to the rather feeble looking ship that it is).

    See pic (more to be added soon to site).

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    Thumbs up getting in2 droids now, are ye?

    in that case, i think it's bout time we heard from you here same goes for you, jdah, as you are a known non-completist collector too
    i have local sources for vintage & current droid figs; lmk max acceptable price & min. acceptable condition & i can check around
    i'll give the chess peices to b'jr to furhter persuade him to part with int droid as for delta: since you're sending it anyway, i'll wait & see it before deciding what 2do w/it
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    Well, if my intelligence is correct, then tonight is the night.

    Eagerly awaiting full report.



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    Wink an essential dab of Entwerp spoilerage for bc3 et al

    plot?? you want me to spell out for you the P-L-O-T??? please, let's stick to what's Important- namely a re-shuffling of those four letters. let's not be so prosaic: what you Really need to know is that we're all gonna have to learn the vulcan word for babetronic
    the resta you stay back, she's mine! after all, the first 3 letters of vulcantouch was always "L-U-V"
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