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    Interesting unproduced Ep1 MM pics

    Some interesting pics at Rebelscum for some unproduced Ep1 MM figure packs.
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    Thumbs up thanx r2 for those great photos

    it's the 1st time i've been able to see the trade federation battleship in a good photo.

    ater looking it over, i have to say that the hallmark ornament is a superior one to have.

    even if they do release the final sets, the hallmark version (which by the way, is perfect mm scale!) is the control ship complete with all the antennae, as opposed to the battle ship version shown. so it would be a plus to have both versions in your collection!

    mawhonics pod racer is too kewel!

    come on hasbro! give the people what they want dammit!

    bring back micro machines dammit!
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    I think that Rebelscum have it wrong.

    I think that some 14-16's made it out of the factory.

    I will hopefully have some info soon to confirm this.


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    Hmm, from what I've noticed with alot of SW product, unless it's only shown in mock-up form with a non-official cardbacking, it doesn't have a chance of being produced. So most likely they were producing sets before they were canceled. So unless something official is said by Hasbro, basically all we have to go by is they might not have made them and they might have. Though if they got that far, I'd guess that they did make a good sized amount of them.
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    Red face i [i]think[/i] i want bc3 to be right. . .

    . . .but i fear he ain't of course, if some of these do exist out there, that'll likely mean we'll need to laboriously hunt em down one thing i always liked about mms was their Ease- ease of acquisition, ease of affordability, ease of portability, ease of comprehensive coverage of ship design depictions, ease of appreciation, ease of set completion. just plain Easy unlike some who enjoy the difficulties and feel they add to the fun, imo every difficulty added to this hobby of ours chips away at its charm just a bit

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    Hey guys

    In the HIGHLY unlikely event that anybody from Hasbro actually reads threads in the ASK HASBRO section of SSG and cares about what we think, I would appreciate your (moderated) input into the following thread).



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    Last week I emailed Rebelscum about where the 14-16's came from.

    Phillip Wise was kind enough to reply to my email and told me that it was his colleague MARK who had aquired them, but they were expensive and that he had gotten them from an old Hasbro employee.

    I therefore re-sent my email to Mark but as yet (nearly one week ago) I have had no response.

    I'm a bit miffed at this as it was ME who put Rebelscum onto the fact that the 11-13's existed and even gave a few of them the email address of the seller who they then bought from.

    It seems that they will happily take info from us in order to extend their collections, but will not help us "small-time" collectors out.

    I would therefore ask you all to email this Mark and see if you have more luck than me.



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    i have just sent the following letter to mark over at rebelscum

    dear mark,

    it has come to my attention via phil wise, that you are the individual who was able to acquire the star wars episode I sets XIV, XV, and XVI displayed on rebelscum site from a hasbro employee.

    as the moderator of the micro machines forum section over at sir steves guide, i feel compelled to write to you. as you are well aware, quite a bit of star wars episode I micro machines product has been tooled and shown as retail ready product, yet not released to the retail sector. some of which follows here;

    Micro machines collection XIV
    Micro machines collection XV
    micro machines collection XVI
    metal die-cast anakins pod racer
    Watto's shop platform action set
    swamp invasion platform action set
    anakin skywalker podrace test flight transforming action set
    pod racing pack V
    pod racing pack VI

    being a long time collector of all science fiction/fantasy micro machines, as well as enjoy playing with each and everyone of them with my 7 year old son, any help that you might be able to provide with acquiring any of the items listed above, would be greatly appreciated.

    i am not sure as to why hasbro bought out galoob, if they had no intention of releasing any of the product line which made galoob so special to so many people. the true joy of micro machines is that they are small, easy to transport and play with, along with not being prohibitly expensive.

    i know that there is probably nothing that you can provide or do in helping me out with my quest, but we over at sir steves guide have a long history in helping each other out when it come to micro machines, and if you do know of anyone over at hasbro who can help us out, i'm sure that we would be interested in purchasing enough quantitiy (if an inventory does indeed exist), to help make it worth their while.

    all the best

    richard lee roth
    moderator of the micro machines forum for sir steves guide

    if i do hear anything, i will of course let everyone know
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    If you two don't succeed, I'll try it. Being as I do work at another SW site that has been in contact with RS lately, I might be able to get Mark's answer. I'll do what I can.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    Let's just say that you'd be better off NOT mentioning SSG when dealing with RS folks - we don't carry a lot of weight with their staff.

    I wish I had the $$$ to buy stuff like that.
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