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    Yoda strikes back

    So after seeing Yoda rock in episode II, will there be anymore fighting by our little green friend? I wonder if Dooku and Yoda will have a rematch.
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    I was kind of hoping Anakin/Vader would beat the crap out of him, because it would give that line Yoda says to Luke in ESB more meaning, "Oh! Your father! Powerful Jedi was he! Powerful Jedi!"

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    I just hope he gets to fight again. That was one of my favorite parts of the movie.
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    they need to have just woop up on yoda not hold anything back.
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    I think Yoda's AotC fight scene was it for the little green man. There had to be some point in the prequels where Yoda showed off his skill, and I don't think EIII will allow any time for that. So much has to be done to close down the prequels to make way for EIV that I doubt there'll be any action scene with Yoda in it.

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    Yeah and seeing Yoda fight again people would just say been their done that...but anakin would get his arse whooped by Yoda
    Anakin wouldnt stand a chance against Yoda i mean Anakin is way to weack to fight Yoda who can levitate, has faster agility and can probely jump higher then anakin so i'am betting if they fought Yoda would win also the only person i see Yoda fighting is either the dark jedi he fought on Dagobah and killed as his dark force was sucked into the tree roots and that is also how Yoda hides on Dagobah and acts like he is dead, because the dark force sucked into those tree roots hides him so the emperor or Vader cant find Yoda, also the only other fight Yoda can get into is a force lighting showdown with Darth Sidouis/Emperor Palpatine were that is how he gets the line "do not underestmaite the power of the empeoreor, or you to will fall or something like that, so to me no yoda will not fight again like he did in AOTC
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    would be cool to see another yoda fighting scene but I'm hoping to see Mace showing off his skills in EIII since he's rumored to be one of the best lightsaber-fighting jedi's

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    I think he should fight again, but only using the force and mind powers.
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    I'd like to see him and Sidious fight using lightning.
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    I would like to see Yoda fight again but I don't think it will happen. Unless it is with Anikin,well maybe not. Anikin should fight Dooku and take Dooku's place.
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