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    12icnh Dooku looks awesome when does it hit stores?

    I just look at the pics here on SSG and 12inch dooku looks awesome. I really want this and i only have a Maul 12inch so i'm not a big collector of these. ITs everything I had wanted the 3 3/4 figure to look like. Anyone know when these come out? I hope its not short packed and taken up by scalpers.


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    Is 12inch Count Dooku out yet??

    on hasbro's site it says release is 6-1-02. there are none on ebay so did it get delayed? I badly want this figure. Its everything i had hoped the 3 3/4 would be but wasn't. Its perfect I gotta have one. Any info is appreciated. Let me know please


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    I haven't seen these in the store yet, but I also haven't found any of the newer EP2 waves either.
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    I really want this one too. This figure would be the first 12" that I've owned to open and I honestly can't wait. It just looks freakin' cool .
    I hope that it doesn't get delayed past July (as July was stated as the release in the other thread) and I actually hope it shows up before that...however unlikely it might be.

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    i hope it does come out soon, probably before christmas.
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    Is the 12" Count Hertius Dooku out yet?

    Yeah. Just read the title.

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    I just hope he's not as hard or harder to find than the 3 3/4 scale one was. (Although I have 6 of him now, 3 3/4 scale that is)
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    Haven't seen it.

    Uh...question for ya though. Hertius? Where'd that come from?

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    That's his first name. I made it up for my fan fiction I've posted on this site and submitted to, and it's so well-received that it's become canon.


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