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    Angry Mounting Frustration........

    Anybody else out there already getting seriously peeved over not being able to find any new figures ANYWHERE? I can't seem to find Dejas or Palpatine anywhere. I can only imagine how bad things will be with the Chewie Bespin wave. Yestertoys does seem to have OK prices, but it's still frustrating because I feel I should be able to pay retail for any figure. Now don't get me wrong: my friends and I LOOK everywhere. There hasn't been many if any figures that have slipped past our grasp! It's like the TC-14 wave, only a year or so too early!

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    I found a single Luke Bespin (red paint/blood stump) and Endor Soldier awhile ago, but other than that I've seen nothing. Hopefully with the price drop reported by Dar'Argol more figures will be flying off the shelves and help the restocking, I just hope they don't restock earlier 4/23 figures.
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    I think if you're upset you should try shopping after 1 and before 3 in the morning. You'd be suprised at what you'll find.

    If you're shopping on the way home from work you'll be hard pressed to ever find new figures.

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    I'm not quite at the frustrated feeling yet, we're not expecting any of these things here until the end of this week.

    I'll let you know how frustrated I am after that.
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    How 'bout just having a little bit of patience. These figs are bound to surface and most likely in the same numbers as all the rest. The stores just have to be given the time to reorder and restock. And besides, since when has Hasbro actually shipped ANYTHING when they say they are?

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    It all depends on when you hit the stores. Try to notice when they put new stuff out and see if it is usually on the same day of the week. Just go that day.

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    Yes, just be patient. Allow time for these things to be shipped and distributed. Just because people have found them doesnt' mean they have been shipped and stocked everywhere yet. There is always a risk of not finding something, but TC-14 came out more than 2 years ago. That was a long time ago, and Hasbro has learned a lot since then. None of the POTJ figures where hard to find. That is what we need to draw on not Episode 1 stuff. I know that Chewy and Han are only packed 1 per case, but that's only the first case they are in. A case that shippes in July could have 4 of each, we just don't know. There is no reason to get all worked up over nothing. Now if in December or January you don't have a Chewy or a Han yet, then you can worry. Don't bust your motivator so soon
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    I heartily agree with eliwankenobi. Patience will pay off. I can't count the number of times that I've had trouble finding stuff, only to find gobs of them appear in a few weeks...or even months. Just because a few people have found the new stuff doesn't mean it's widespread. It'll show...give it time.

    I would also suggest not increasing your searches or going at early morning times. If you do, and still find nothing new, your frustration will only increase. Just go when you have the time, or are in the your leisure. Don't make it a mission. Remember, it's all about fun, right?
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    As much as I love this site, I think it contributes to my feeling like I should have found some figures a long time ago. I mean, we get to see pics of figures months and months before they come out, and in the"Just Found" threads you find out literally when the first one of any figure is found on the planet! Not that I would EVER consider not looking at the upcoming pics or Just Found threads!

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    I'm just trying to be patient. I really want a Bespin Luke but I haven't seen a single one. I'm just waiting and biding my time. Eventually they will be easy to find in stores and we'll all be happy.
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