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    Question Where did Zev put Han and Luke??

    Where did he put them if the snowspeeder is for only 2 ppl?? And there is a scene right after Zev finds Han and Luke where Zev's snowspeeder is arriving the base. Note that it is the only ship shown arriving, cuzz there were others searching for them.

    Take your guess...
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    Obviously, there had to be more than one Snowspeeder to carry them both back. So I think that Zev landed near Han and Luke and Han hastily loaded Luke onto the Snowspeeder because he was in dire need of medical care, then while Zev was rushing Luke back he radioed Han's coordinates to the other Snowspeeders to pick him up. The reason we only see one Speeder landing is that you must allow time between two flying ships to land or they might crash into each other. The movie figured that the audience is intelligent enough to figure this out so it doesn't waist time showing both ships landing.
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    Exactly, that must be it.
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    Well, we have no reason to think that Luke and Han get back to base at the same time, Han has no real reason to get back to base right away since he has his the shelter, so barada's theory seems most plausible to me.
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    Well, they didn't need to shoot the lasers, so I think they removed the batteries and shoved Luke's unconcious body in the battery compartment. I can see Han and Zev high fiving over that practical joke...
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    Ah, Rollo. Vintage humor (pun absolutely intended!). He could've tied one up with the harpoon cable, too.

    By the way, here's the Old Forum thread on this very topic:
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    In Scholastic's 1984 Star Wars: Zev to the Rescue! pop-up book, Han pilots the snowspeeder back to base while Zev uses the tow cable to harpoon the dead tauntaun carcass, dragging it back to base with Luke back inside it.

    This explains why Luke has to spend so much time in the bacta tank, recovering from repeated head trauma, suffering from delusions of grandeur and an inability to sense the woman he's tonsil-wrestling is his twin sister.

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    The best part of the book was a "Weekend at Bernie's" kind of moment with Zev and Han at first trying to tie Luke to the speeder like an upright hood ornament. That Zev, what an imagination!

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    I thought MisterPL was joking...until I looked up Star Wars:Zev to the Rescue! in Tomart's guide to SW collectibles and...I'll be darned... $20-25 in mint condition!!!!

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    So the dude gets his own book, but no figure?
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    It seems my guess...BB's guess and JT'S guess have been destroyed by a book!! That is if the book is canon...anyway, i'll try to find that book.

    And this gives more points to a Zev action figure!!
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