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    Ep. 2 Queen Amidala Figure Variation

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm new and glad to be here

    I've been collecting Episode 2 figures and so far, have a complete collection!

    Here's my question:

    Does anybody know about an Episode 2 Queen Amidala Figure Variation with her head turned to the right instead of the left?

    I saw this figure in Wal-Mart in Swansea, MA and wasn't sure if I should buy it or not, so I hid it behind the Barbie dolls. Bad move. I went back to the same Wal-Mart yesterday and it was gone. I was wondering if anyone else has seen an Episode 2 Queen Amidala Figure like this before
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    Welcome Queen Amidala

    This is common with many of the fig.'s in the Saga line (especially Zam) but by no means should this be considered a variation. A variation would be a change made to the figure by Hasbro such as the removal of the blood from Luke Bespin. It was simply packaged differently and would be worth just as much as the others. This is just my opinion so if you find it cool then buy it.
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    Not even a factory error... just the usual difference that happens when something is being put into the trays. I've got a Taun We with the button side of her Clone Chamber facing to the side while on my 2nd one they were facing forward. No variant, no error, just a plain figure. These things may be usually statues but occasionally a piece will turn.
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    A kid asked me to pull a Jango down off the pegs for him, and I noticed that this particular Final Jango's jetpack had fallen out of the tray, and would not go back in with some shaking. So I did what every normal person would do.

    I teased the kid for a few seconds before giving it to him, shaking the package like a toy with bells on it.
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    thats funny. i want a fb jango, you could have done that to me .
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    thanks for the info guys
    i really appreciate it

    i still wish i bought it just to show you, if i find another one, i will

    do you guys collect anything else besides Star Wars figures?
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    There is a Padme Amidala variation where she has a mole- or so they tell me. Haven't seen it myself.

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    Here's a pic of the mole variation..
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    I have the mole variation!!

    Do any of you guys have an extra Dexter Jettster with the background card or a Jango Fett with an unpainted helmet or an Anakin Skywalker with a brown vest instead of white?

    Those are the only ones I really need right now.

    Did they ever come out with Jar Jar Binks with a background card?
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    Nope, Jar Jar never had a background card. I think (could be wrong though) that only #'s 1-16 had backgrounds.
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