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    12" Ultimate Jango Fett is awesome!

    First off, yes he's out. He's just extremely hard to get. I asked that he be held for me when he came into Toys R Us. He was $39.99 there. I understand he is cheaper at K-mart (34 or 32 with a sale) but he is harder to find there.

    Second, yes there will be more. Jango is not limited and he'll keep shipping. It might take a month to get him (or longer) but eventually some retailer will have a pile of him.

    Now to the figure! He is awesome.

    Removeable HEAD! Yup. In fact that's the easiest way to put the 2 piece chest armor on him. Great sculpt really looks like Temurra Morrison!

    Leather gunbelt! Holds both his Westar pistols nicely.

    Jango comes with 2 pairs of arms that easily go in and out so he can have open or closed hands in any combination you want.

    The slashing claws are separate pieces that you attach to the right arm gauntlet. It is interesting that he does not have the claws for his left arm (flamethrower side) at all. It is possibly that (within the SW universe) Jango does not have room on his flamethrower gauntlet (or cannot for safety reasons) have the blades.

    Each right arm gauntlet (open and closed hand) has a spot to put the Kamino saberdart. It's manually "launched." The missle actually fires quite well from his backpack and I like this pack better than the one 12" Electronic Boba came with. It is entirely different in sculpt and has a different firing button location. But I am talking about the first pack with the missle he wears on Kamino. This figure package also includes the one Jango wore on Geonosis.

    Now his armor gets put on with velcro, and it stays on him, just not always perfectly in place when you are moving him, posing him. The tie-down straps on his legs are a bigger problem. When his holsters on his hips move, they can tug these straps loose.

    He also comes with his tangle cable but I have no idea where you're supposed to install it or if it will pull his arm off were you to hang him (or Obi-Wan) from it.

    Overall, I am really happy with this purchase. A lot of the time the 12" collection really gets me excited more about SW collecting in general.

    I suppose I have tastes for:

    well-done, cool 12"

    Obscure or unpredictable 3 3/4" action figures that are just nice they thought of.

    Great Beasts Star Wars is all-so-famous for.


    the great vehicles you can accessorize your figures with!

    So where does the Ultimate Jango Fett fit into all of this? I think in terms of 12" he's definitely up there with the 12" Bikerscout on the Speederbike, 14" electronic Vader with Removeable Helmet, and Han Solo Hoth Gear on the TaunTaun. This is one sweet figure! I highly recommend you check it out!
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    I searched high and low for this one and finally found it about 2 weeks ago at KMart. I love this figure!! He is currently my favorite toy overall (in both the 12 inch and the regular basic figure line).
    The fun thing about Jango is you put on the armor, the helmet, the jetpack, the belt, etc. YOU get to customize his look, whether it be in armor, or just in the blue jumpsuit (for the look in the apartment on Kamino).
    So far I cant decide what pose I want him in, so I have been changing it about every other day. At first I had him holding his helmet by his side with blasters in the holsters; then I had him with one knee bent and him pointing his blasters; then I tried the pose where he is crouched down, as if to point the missle at someone. There are so many different looks and poses for this figure its unreal.
    Glad you like yours Tycho. Hopefully more people will be able to find these later because it truly is a great toy.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again this is by far the best 12 inch figure produced to date. The problem is you can't stop messing with it like JangoFett96 has stated. I love the packaging and usually don't open my 12 inch purchases but for this one I had to buy 2. I've seen plenty in my area but there isn't usually a shortage of anything around here.
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    Man, the Jango sounds awesome; i can't wait to find one
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    Yeah I hear you! I think I'm going to try and get a second one, so I can have them both open!

    There's too many ways to display him!

    I was going to do this with Fett in my 12".

    Fighting Obi-Wan:

    Electronic vs. electronic. As long as they're semi-decent, I'll get them. I think I'll have to find a robe from an E1 Obi figure that doesn't need his to make the electronic one look right.

    Fighting Mace:

    Ultimate Jango Fett vs. my 2nd E1 Mace Windu. (I didn't like the look of the TRU exclusive Mace so I've managed to skip that one so far). I bought 2 Mace's when the E1's came out because I'd read this spoiler scene from E2 back then and knew I'd want it. LOL - should've bought 3 of those. Maybe I'll cave in and get the TRU one... but anyway, there's Jango "Geonosis" style!

    Then there's a 12" Jango that comes with Vader in the rumored bad-guy 2 pack. Should've been Boba with Vader, or Jango with another Dooku. If this figure is not as good as the Ultimate, I'll skip the whole thing and just be happy I have a 2nd Ultimate Jango. I'm hoping they'll do a 6" Boba Fett *young* so I can pose him with his dad, helmet off.

    The jumpsuit Jango is wearing is NOT what he's wearing in the apartment. That shirt is separate from his pants and not tucked in. You can approximate the look with your 12", but it's not exactly the same thing.

    Still this is the Ultimate 12"!
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    And who would want to use this figure just in the jumpsuit anyway? Hes got so many cool accessories and stuff that it would be a shame not to use them!!
    You have given me a good idea, Tycho. As much as I hate the punk, I think I will go to TRU and get a 12 inch Mace so I can have them fighting. Of course in my fight, Jango has the upper hand!!
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    Oh, I can't wait to see this thing up close. The one I ordered should be here any day!

    <runs to watch for the mailman at the window>
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    Best figure ever!

    I got a rain check at Kmart as soon as I heard he was out & on sale. Just picked him up tonight. Unbelievable figure. I'm still just checking him out; I haven't tried to attached the string (grappling thingy) yet, so I don't know how it works either. I'm reluctant to yank too hard on the saber dart that's supposed to come out of his right gauntlet; does it really come out? The details and accessories are incredible. I just might get a second one, too. Not to keep unopened, but just to have a spare in case I ever lose or break this one! It would be a great shame; this is one of the best action figures ever, man. This thing should stay in production, or go back into production periodically when demand returns. It's too good to go away!

    What burns is they mistakenly put two on hold for me, and I didn't have enough for the second! As it is, I borrowed the money for this one. I'm in the hole about $500 for car repairs, and I'm still broke from Celebration II!

    I've gotta go play with my toy now....

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    I'm still looking for it. I'll show soon I'm sure, so no worries. But it sounds fantastic. I can't wait.
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    ups man just dropped mine off!

    as everyone has said, this is one awesome figure. the head sculpt is totally awesome. i think the extra hands and huge box are a waste though. i don't see the point in packaging jango in this huge box. i would of preferred a standard box with his armor already "on".

    and thanks to hasbro for finally using their G.I. Joe body. it's not the super joe body, but it is a vast improvement over the old bulky body.

    if hasbro is smart, they will make a few modifications to this jango, along with a repaint, and re-release it as the OT boba fett.
    this one completely blows away both previous boba 12 inchers. if they don't, i'll get an extra and do it myself!

    and while they are at it, it's hight time they real scan vaders helmet and release a darth vader and stormtrooper figure of this quality.

    check out this link for a really good review of jango fett:

    while i'm at it, why don't the clone troopers have removable helmets with a young jango head?

    if you are thinking about passing on this one, or if you don't collect the 12 inch line, reconsider on jango fett. you won't be sorry.
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