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    Cantina band members

    How many cantina band members do you have??? 1, 5, 6???

    Just curious if you bought the whole bunch, or just 1.
    As always...........L

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    Re Re: Cantina band members

    Originally posted by Lobito
    Just curious if you bought the whole bunch, or just 1.
    Just one at the present time
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    I bought 6, the thinking was I could have 5 out and one kept in reserves... then they found a 6th character.
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    I bought five, but then later realized there were supposed to be six. Still haven't bought a sixth member yet.
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    At first I bought five. Then later on I heard there were six. THEN I heard there were SEVEN! SO I ultimately have six out of package and one in package. Y'know...if you can consider a white box packaging...which I don't its just 7 members are hard to fit on the cantina diorama.
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    If you count the Max Rebo band two packs guy, I have six...

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    I got 6.
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    Thumbs down Zip

    I have zero. Never really cared for the lightbulb heads......
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    I originally bought 5 from the fan club (5 instruments, 5 band members, right? Gaaaahhh!) and then found out there were 6. I bought a 6th (not in a white box) from a toy show.

    Now some of you are saying SEVEN? What up with that?

    The only thing I don't like about them is the lack of articulation. They all stand exactly the same way. They look like a chorus line.

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