Greetings all.

Looking around at all the buzz about the new stuff, I find it interesting. *SIGH!* I MISS COLLECTING! But anyway, here's some news-

-Nothing new found here.

I have all but the UCS X-Wing and the Darth Maul Head Sculpture in the SW Lego's now, and I will soon post in that forum.

R2- It's interesting to see how many E-bayers link to your information to sell their wares. I am trying to win a ZAAP AF pair right now...wish me luck

VT- How's the summer tea, eh? Been nice at the 4th Story lately?

To both: I plan on coming to CO near the end of this month or in early July. I shall be bringing at least one friend from up here with me, so I hope that when I do go, I will be able to see you two

I have been collecting for a friend of mine up here. Found 5 of the new figs for him (including the new Vader) so far. It works well- he sends me $$$, I buy the figs when I see them It makes me feel like I am still collecting, even when I am really not. Though I have had a BAD Lego compulsion lately...

About it I suppose. Seen AOTC 3 times so far. Gotta' try and find the Easter Eggs now

Take care all!!!