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    Jawa with Gonk Droid *tear*

    I've wanted this figure pack for SO, SO long. If anyone could give some info on where I could get one (possibly outside of E-bay) for a legit price, I would be most gracious.
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    I have an extra one. Maybe we could trade?

    I would like djas puhr or chancellor palpatine or POTJ biker scout or, POTJ sandtrooper or commtech stormie - these last 3 do not need to be packaged but at least if loose need to be mint. If ya don't have any of these, I'll sell it to ya for retail which was $6.99 + shipping Lemme know what you have and want to do.
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    Please take trades and purchases either to the classifieds part of the forum or to Private Messaging.

    Yuk, I wish I could help you out, but even though I had 3 extras, I got rid of the last one only a couple months ago. I don't know where else to get one (besides DNA's offer above and SSG advertisers ), but many of the ones on ebay are ending for under $8, and there are a couple right now under $3.
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    Well, thanks guys. I do have a POTJ Sandtrooper and Scout Trooper (dirty), but I only have one each, no extras, and they're loose, but mint. I could easily get that cash, so, let's hook it up, per se.
    "Flanders was a zombie?"

    -Homer Simpson

    Dar' Argol is a good guy to trade with!!!


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