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    why does everyone love the fetts??

    hey there:

    just wanna pose the question why you people find boba and jango fett to be appealing or visa, i like the mysterious nature of boba fett in the trilogy and his overall pressence...he is after all the only person to talk back to darth vader and not get choked to death ..what if he doesn't survive??..he means a lot to me!!......also boba fett has a lot of cool weapons and the what not and the very fact that he's the best bounty hunter in the star wars saga just adds to his appeal for me..

    as far as jango fett....he's what boba should have been in the he actually uses his both fetts are in my opinion the coolest(for lack of a better term) characters in the star wars universe......any1 wanna debate this???

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    Well I like the Fetts especially Jango, cause his armor is just too cool. The cool silverish/gray color design...

    it's endless...
    "Necessity is the mother of invention" - MGS2

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    Maybe there will be a MTV spin off, The Fetts, it will be on after the Osbournes are cancelled.....

    I would have liked to see more of IG-88 and even Bossk in the bad.

    It is also like Leia's bounty hunter disguise, it is one of my favorite figures, it must be the helmets????

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    I never really cared for them either way. I would much sooner buy Storm/Clone trooper figures than go out of my way to find a Fett figure. I do however like the decapitation Jango.

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    yup..gotta agree with you on ig-88...he's prolly the most vicious of all the bounty hunters according to the books i've read....and yah must be something about the helmets......leaves something to the imagination and adds to the whole mysterious element..

    actually, the storm/clone troopers are my second favorite characters in the movies.....anything that's evil and shiny i pretty much like


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