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    facial hair - please do less sculpting

    Dear Hasbro, I don't think you've had great luck lately with some figures that have facial hair, both in the 4" and 12" scales. I think this is because you made the facial hair a sculpted part of the head rather than a paint application. For example, the facial hair on Obi-Wan Coruscant is sculpted, even though in the film, Obi-Wan's whiskers were fairly thin -- when you paint the figure, it appears as if he's a mountain man. Yet you didn't sculpt facial hair onto Jango Kamino, instead relying on a paint application, and it looks much more realistic and movie-accurate (though there have been some varying amounts of paint on different Jangos).

    I would like to see less relying on sculpted facial hair because it looks like a santa beard when you finally paint it.
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    I agree, I don't like any of the Obi-Wan figures except Jedi Starfighter Pilot Obi-Wan because of it.

    That's why I don't have any Obi-Wan's yet, but I want the pilot one.

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    ya Obi would look better with just painted facial hair.
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    Jango's beard is too dark. He didn't have a beard in the movie, just some chin hairs.

    And i really don't mind the sculpted beard on Obi-Wan CC. I think he looks superb IMO. Pilot Obi-Wan sucks.

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    Im not completely impressed with either of the two current Ep 2 Obi-wans, im just looking forward to one with his jedi robes, in a nuetral pose. And a painted on beard might help too.
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    that is one of the best spam posts EVER

    I guess the embargo on Koy4goff was lifted (you can look that up on youtube)
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    Just when you think theres a new thread around here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devo View Post
    Just when you think theres a new thread around here.
    Do you mean the Dear Hasbro section specifically? There's really not much need for this place anymore, what with our direct line to them every few weeks now.

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    Good point. However I was talking generally aswell. These aren't the most active forums lately. Do we have some sort of bad rep here or something?


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