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    That's for me to know...and for you to find out.

    starfighter pilot obi-wan or coruscant chase obi-wan?

    the pilot looks good. hopefully bigger than the the coruscant chase one. what do you think?
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    Dunno, tried putting my Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan in the Jedi StarFighter but his karate chop hand just wouldn't stay in so I guess the pilot is the only one really to get for the Jedi Starfighter. However as just an Obi-Wan figure, I'm hoping they'll make at least one good non-gimmicky neutral one at some point, doubt it though.

    Just between those two though, I guess if you put the Coruscant chase Obi head on the Pilot Obi body (if it's not bigger) then that would be an ok Obi-Wan figure because the Pilot one has the head-set equipment he wore in the Jedi SF.
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    Well I really like the Coruscant Chase Obi and I don't htink he is too out of scale. Ewan McGregor just ain't that tall of a guy. Plus he's bent over at the knees which makes him look even shorter.

    But I will definitely buy a couple Pilot Obi Wans and do a head swap.
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    I think that the head swap thing is the way to go if you want the best Obi. but short of that I think that the CC Obi is not too bad (karate chop hand be damned...)

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    other than the arm and and bent knees the CC Obi-wan isn't bad.
    I'll do a head sawp to , just like mace.
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    I like CC Obi-Wan, but I'll probably get the pilot anyway.
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    well i have to tell you my wal mart stinks in my area your tierd of hereing this but i still can't find dooku nor have i spoted a Obi-wan Pliot. There was this collector fan who got dooku last week which angerd me cuase when i went to cheek where he got it (TRU) they had nothing but the same old toys theres nothing new at my wal mart.

    (no its allright you don't have to offer a Buy/ trade with me thats only a last resort on my side. )
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    The Star Pilot version is okay - you can't use his gimmick when the robe is on and his upper arms are really thin. Other than that though, he looks okay. And the cloth robe is really cool. But I really don't know which one is better. I mean, the gimmicks make me really unable to decide.
    I don't like the CC Obi because he's so short (because he's bent) and he can't even hold onto the droid that well (the magnet is fine, but his other hand can't grip the droid. So if you wanted to hang him up, he'd look stupid only holding onto it with one hand). And I don't like the Star Pilot one because of the sculpted headset and the thin arms. But they're both okay.
    Hopefully they will release a neutral pose Obi with no gimmicks. Just a dang good figure .

    End .
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    now how exactly does one go about performing a head swap? Rip and stick?
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    Originally posted by Darth Detori
    now how exactly does one go about performing a head swap? Rip and stick?
    It's not too hard but it can be tricky with some figures. Basically the easiest way is boil-n-pop, which is exactly as it sounds.

    Just boil your figure for about 1-2 minutes and then (carefully) pop the head out. If the plastic is soft enough the entire peg should pop out without ripping. Then, while it's still soft, pop the head into the new body.
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