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    Okay Who Liked The Ewok Movies?

    I did, I seen the first one, but never did see the 2nd one. Anyone know where I could find them?
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    Check old video rental stores. There is one by me that has one of the movies.

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    I didnt really like them, they changed the ewoks too much.
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    I saw the first one before seeing ESB or ROTJ. My dad, who was normally against Star Wars for being too escapist, really liked the concept of the Ewoks and thought they would be a good example to my brother and I. The concept, as he saw it, was that even though the Ewoks were tiny, they fought bravely no matter what kind of opponent they were up against.

    I really liked them as a kid, and was disappointed that they never turned into a live-action TV series (I never really cared for the cartoon as a kid).

    Sure they have lost there luster a little now that I am almost 30, but I can still enjoy them.
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    I'll be honest, I never really thought I could become a Jedi or pilot a Corellian freighter, but seeing the Ewoks movies made me believe I might meet an alien? Wonder where the name "Mace" came from? Just looked out the windu and got inspired? I liked the Ewoks as a kid, so of course I'd like their movies!
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    I loved 'em both! I thought they were every bit the great little made for TV family movies they were intended to be.

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    The Ewok movies aren't bad, the most interesting part about them I think is they connect in no way to the other events of SW, showing more that there is actually stories that can be told without the main characters of the "base" films or having to mention or build around the main stories.

    One of them reminded me of Willow a little but it was still pretty cool.

    I like Wicket. :happy:
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    They were ok when i was about 10 but i havn't seen them in a while so i can't say.
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    I liked them as a child too. They didn't win any awards for anything, but there were good moives. Good for kids, wich is probally what they were supposed to be. Considereing the main characters and what not.

    Actually Bel-Cam Jos, Mace Windu was the first name GL came up with for Star Wars. The initial story was going to be around this guy. Found that out in my Unauthorized Star Wars Compendium book I got for $4. It may be unauthorized, but all the info comes from past interviews Lucas and Other LF people gave. It's a good book, and has a lot of info in it.
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    Actually, icatch9, The Ewok Adventure (or Caravan of Courage as it was called overseas) won an Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects and was nominated for outstanding children's programming.
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