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    Was Anakin hinting at something....

    or just rambling about how powerful he'll eventually be, when he says "I'll be able to stop people from dying." I not sure if this is in context to something that is slipping my mind, foreshadowing, or just another throw-away line.
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    yea, GL was using a lot of foreshadowing in Anakins dialogue, that line being one of the most prominent. I think it was intentional.
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    Maybe it forshadows the fact that he is able to cheat his own death by becoming Darth Vader and relying on the Dark Side and mechanics to live on after his (expected) fatal duel with Obi-Wan.
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    going with this plot device, did anyone think that maybe the tusken raiders were being driven by the dark side of the force, namely palpatine, when they abducted shmi, and then subsequently tortured her? it seems like an awful lot of unneccesary stuff on their part, unless someone was making them do this so as to bring anakin to the breaking point... the book goes into some detail about how the tuskens were unusually aggressive before the abduction, which denotes behavior that goes against the norm. just a though that i had, that i didn't think really needed it's own thread, but maybe should be discussed.
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    Could be. But I ahven't seen any sort of evidence as to whos behind it so for now I'm just assuming that they acted on their own.
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    I had brought this up in another thread but I forget off-hand which one it was. I think the phrase does have significance, especially to events that occurred in ANH and ESB.

    I don't think Anakin ever figured out how to cheat death. But Obi-wan did. He never died. And neither did Yoda. Darth Vader was completely unaware of Obi's ability to become one with the Force. It was probably the power he had been searching for but was wrong in believing it could be found in the Dark Side of the Force.

    More than likely, this may have been a turning point for Vader. Having realized that the Light Side was indeed stronger, we see a different Vader in ESB; one who wants to overthrow Palpy and bring an end to the corruption.

    I think we will find out in Ep III how Yoda and Obi-wan discover this Force power and why it is elusive to Anakin.
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    He also stops Palpy from killing luke in ROTJ by throwing good ol pasty over the edge of that pit thing.
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    I also like Anakin's line, "I won't fail again," that he says over his mother's grave. I felt it cleverly foreshadowed Darth Vader's attitude toward failure in everyone else in ESB (i.e. "Don't fail me again.") I thought it was a neat touch. Don't know if it was intentional.

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    i think that it was intentional. but, on the tusken deal...i think palpintine could have had a hand in it since he is darth sidous and darth maul went to tatooine, he could know where to look.............................................. ................................
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    I think it for shadow how in the next one he beleives he som powerful he tries to bring someone from the dead< padme maybe< but can't and then his final decent toward evil begins.
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