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    Philadelphia Area

    Anyone find any of the new figures in the philadelphia area?

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    I've been searching all the Walmarts, Kmarts and TRU near me (about an hour from Philly) and I have found one Dooku, Yoda or Bespin Wave.

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    I found some unleashed Maul and Jango's at the gamestop in Granite Run Mall. The TRU there had a couple Dooku's and tons of the usual. The wallmart in montgomeryville has cut its display by about 2/3 and has nothing at all new with litter room to put more out. The montgomeryville KB has the oui gon wave but no palpatine's or han's.

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    There are some han, chewie and obi-wan pilot's at the franklin mills TRU.

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    I saw Bo-Shek and R4M9 at the Toys R Us on Aramingo Ave near E.Venargo St.


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    The montgomeryville walmart is stocked with everything new, han, chewie,palpatine, phur, mundi, teemto, all the new figures are there. good luck


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