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    Have Count Dooku Want Zuckuss

    I have a saga Count Dooku. I need a POTF Zuckuss. If there is something else you need, let me know. I MAY be able to acquire it. Thanks!
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    o boi

    Man Dong you make me feel sorry for you. Here I am holding my zuckass and you want it so bad you mention it ALL the time. YOu really made me appreciate this figure that I had let sit in a zip lock back in a sealed box for 3 years Too bad whats under his cloack is so stupid. Looks like something out of EU comic. You might have to settle for the 12 inch Zuckass coming out later this year..i hope its good...i thought to myself i should just buy this guy his darn zuckuss so he'll be happy..... He's not the greatest figure. He can't even hold his gun like he does in the 1.2 seconds of screen time he got. I really hope you find this figure soon cause it seems to be top on your list. If you only had a Boshek, r4m9 and aunt beru loose zuckuss would be yours...lmk


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    Hey BillyJAck... I've got Boshek, r4m9 and aunt beru. Got a trades list?
    email me:


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