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    Lightbulb Assasination Attempt?

    I was just thinking.... (Yeah, I know you smelled something burning ha ha.)

    During the Battle of Hoth sequence when Dak is killed, it is believed that he died from a laser blast from an AT-AT. I submit another "theory". Actually 2

    There was an Imp spy that infiltrated the Hoth base and sabotaged Luke's snowspeeder to do what it did when the harpoon was launched. (Notice Dak says there's a malfunction in fire control) Thus creating a blast (possibly from a bomb) that caused the snowspeeder to go down.

    The only change to this theory is that Dak was the Imp spy and Kamakazeid (sorry if spelling is wrong) himself to get the "Destroyer of the Death Star"

    What do you think?

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    are you one of those conspiracy theory people?

    it's kind of a fresh take on an old movie... I kinda like it! It could have been something to use in the STAR WARS infinites comic series before it got canned.

    Oh, well.
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    And what pray tell is wrong with conspiracy theories? How do you lkeep an empire under control if not through fear inspired by urban myths?

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    Nice idea Jargo.... ohh sorry, "Your majesty".

    I always just assumed the harpoon (or whatever) just blew up by itself.

    Interesting twist for the EU.

    Nice and easy surfing these threads when there ain't much on 'em.

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    Talking Luke's a hero

    Dak had to die in order to give Luke the opportunity to destroy the AT AT on his own. It also allows him the chance to micromanage the attack after he is unable to participate actively:

    "What that crossfire boys...stay tight and low" etc.

    Meanwhile, in Hobbie's speeder: "Jenson, shut that Com' off. Jesus Christ, can't he shut up. The kid blows up a freakin' space station and he thinks he can tell me how to fly."

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    The T-47 Airspeeder does not adapt well to the cold weather, as we are told in an earlier scene. I figure the gun just doesn't work in the extreme cold on some speeders, malfunctions happen. Plus, Vader is not interested in killing Luke, so that type of sabotage would be very risky to the kid's life.
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    Jargo!!! There's a little guy in..your..eye...oh. It's supposed to be that way.

    Dack was a cracker who didn't know the ins and outs of a T-47 Rebel Snowspeeder. He died of ignorance. Don't give him too much credit.
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    Luke killed Dack!
    Think about it; what does Luke reach for before the AT-AT crushes his 'Speeder? His fallen comrade? No, a bomb. Dack "could've taken on the whole Empire" himself, and Luke knew this. Luke Skywalker is addicted to fame, a pub' hound. Can't let someone else steal his thunder. So he had him "accidently" killed and then crushed just to be sure.
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    In the early draft of ESB Lucas wanted to portray Luke as more than slightly imcompetent. I fact one scene from the deleted Wampa attack had Luke trying to use the Force to stop a Wampa charging Han. Well It doesn't work and the Wampa almost kills Han until someone else rescues him. Basically everyone in the Rebel base is rapidly losing respect for Luke due to his ineptitude.

    I guess the idea of Luke's speeder malfunctioning was basically GL's way of getting Luke out of the spotlight for a few seconds and letting someone else get the glory.

    If you thought Luke was micromanaging what about Red Leader from Star Wars:

    Wedge-"Look at the size of that thing."

    Red Leader-"Cut the chatter Red-Two!"

    Wedge-"But I.."

    Red Leader-"Quiet!"


    Red Leader-"SHUT UP!!"


    Red Leader-"I SAID SHUT UP!!!!!"

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    From the classic "Lines cut from the movies" thread:

    ANNOUNCER: (over loudspeaker) The first transport is away.

    DACK: That's amazing sir! I just heard you over the loudspeaker, and yet here you are at the same time. Feeling all right, sir?

    LUKE: Just like new, Dack. How about you?

    DACK: Right now I feel I could take on the whole Empire myself.

    LUKE: (quietly, strapping in) I'd like to see that. Splat! One Dack-shaped stain in three seconds.

    DACK: What's that sir?

    LUKE: I said I had a feeling you'd be around for a long time Dack.

    DACK: Thank you sir, I hope to be fighting the Empire for many years to come.

    LUKE: So you're saying we'll be fighting this battle for a long time?!? Are you saying the Rebellion isn't strong enough, and we're just wasting our time, that I should throw off my responsibilities as commander and hero of the Alliance to go off and train to be a Jedi knight while you all suffer?!?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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